Scramble to make Covid vaccine causes drug deficiency in the United States

The· Unprecedented effort The production of the Covid-19 vaccine disrupts the supply of other important medicines in the United States, such as injectables to treat infections and prevent blindness.

According to a letter from the Financial Times, Pfizer expects hospitals in the United States to suspend the supply of four products: antibiotics, steroids, and two types of testosterone.

Drugs are “biological” drugs that are given by injection or infusion.They need some of the same ingredients and manufacturing capacity as Covid-19 vaccinePfizer co-developed with BioNTech in Germany.

In a letter to the hospital sent last month, Pfizer warned of a “short-term disruption of supply” to medicines “due to increased vaccine production.” The hospital said it should “predict some turmoil” later this year.

The company said in a letter that it was aiming to deliver “about 2 billion doses” of the vaccine to the world by the end of 2021.

Pharmaceutical company warnings are issued when the United States is trying to boost its vaccine supply to fully restart its economy after a year of pandemic regulation that has caused millions of unemployed people.

President Joe Biden Defense Production Act To ensure that vaccine makers have the medicine and production capacity they need, one industry executive said that one-third of the pharmaceutical group would use production line raw materials, equipment, or space through the use of power during the Korean War. I presumed that they were competing.

In a statement, Pfizer said that “a small portion” of its portfolio was “temporarily affected” by vaccine manufacturing priorities.

Other pharmaceutical companies are also reporting supply shortages.

Even companies that can manufacture products struggle to secure glass vials to distribute them. Shot, one of the world’s largest glass makers, warned that it would wait one year to 18 months for new orders.

Christopher Cassidy, vice president of Schott North America, has accused the delay in producing Covid-19 vaccine vials. It is expected to reach $ 2 billion this year.

Cassidy told FT that the deficiency is affecting almost all types of injectables in the United States, including chemotherapy, insulin and other medicines. [intensive care units] Or the operating room of a hospital. ”

He called on governments around the world to provide more funding to manufacturers of parts and materials in the supply chain, as well as pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines.

Vaccine makers Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s consignment manufacturer Catalyst also prioritize high-order jabs. This means that since December, thousands of patients have had to do it without Tepezza, a treatment for thyroid eye disease performed by Horizon Therapeutics.

Horizon CEO Tim Walbert said the shortage had a “dramatic effect” on patients who experienced physical distress in a short period of time and risked complete loss of vision unless supplies were restored. Said that.

“It will affect the other drugs you need to get [to] Patients, “he said. “We happen to be the first.”

Horizon is working with the US Food and Drug Administration to find another outsourced manufacturer.

Catalent said delays in Horizon products were “unavoidable” because government orders for vaccines were made using the Defense Production Act. The production capacity has been greatly expanded and it is operating 24 hours a day.

A 39-year-old from Florida, Paris refused to give a second name, suffered terrible pain, and his left eye popped out of the socket before riding Tepezza by a doctor. However, she was only treated for three months before the supplies were depleted.

After she learned of the delay, Paris said, “I cried like a baby on the floor of my house because I was afraid of the pain coming back.”

“What does it mean to be vaccinated but not visible?” She asked.

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Scramble to make Covid vaccine causes drug deficiency in the United States

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