Seagull hits teen in face while on Morey’s Piers’ SpringShot ride in Wildwood, New Jersey – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-07-22 12:10:53 –

Wildwood, NJ-A group of friends celebrating their birthday on the Jersey Shore definitely has an old story.

Georgia Reed, 14, and Kylie Holman, 13, who live near Weatherly, Pennsylvania, gained a very surprising visitor when riding Molly’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ earlier this month. did.

Georgia was celebrating his 14th birthday during the holidays, so he decided to ride the Spring Shot at the amusement park.

“She wanted to do a Spring Shot. I wasn’t too nervous because I had done a Spring Shot before,” Kiley said.

According to Molly’s website The vehicle shoots you into the air at speeds of over 75 mph. But the website doesn’t say you meet seagulls flying out of nowhere!

The video shows that two teenagers were fired in the air, and then, surprisingly, Kylie was facing a seagull.

“When I was shot, I saw it. It was going in the opposite direction, and it came back and hit me head-on,” Kylie said. “It felt really light, and it remained like just a few scratches.”

Kylie was able to get rid of the birds and seemed to fly unharmed.

All this happened right next to Georgia. Georgia didn’t know what was happening right next to her.

“I was trying to tell her,” Kylie said.

In the video, I hear Kylie yelling, “A bird flew to my face! A bird flew to my face! Oh, what a hell!”

But Georgia couldn’t hear it. She was focused on getting through the vehicle.

“She was going to vomit, so she told me to stop talking,” Kylie said.

On the ground, Georgia’s mother, Arena Reed, was unaware of what was happening above.

“I didn’t know what happened until they got off. I saw the wings fall from the vehicle, but at first I thought they were tickets,” Arena told Action News.

The feather-like blunder happened in the first few seconds of the ride. That is, the girl turned over and then spun in the air for almost a minute.

Before they returned to the ground, Kylie knew that this story was too expensive for a bird story to be believed without evidence.

“I can’t wait to see this video,” Kylie said during the ride.

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times online, so the internet wasn’t available either.

Oddly, Kiley says this was a kind of dream come true. She loves animals and always wants to catch seagulls.

“I saw it on the internet, people tried to catch them, and I don’t know, I just thought it was cool,” Kylie said.

Reed says the girl couldn’t stop laughing after the ride.

Kylie is a real animal person. Her family has three dogs, two cats and one horse. She says the best part is that the bird flew away unharmed.

So will she ride the Spring Shot again?

“Yeah,” Kylie said.

As Bobby Rydell says, “that Wildwood era.”

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Seagull hits teen in face while on Morey’s Piers’ SpringShot ride in Wildwood, New Jersey Source link Seagull hits teen in face while on Morey’s Piers’ SpringShot ride in Wildwood, New Jersey

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