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Indianapolis (AP) — Jim Irsay delivered a brief message when Indianapolis Colts reported to the training camp.

Win the opener.

Six weeks later, Artey’s goal resonates with players and coaches preparing for Sunday’s opening match against Seattle.

“Everyone knows that an opener is a big deal, especially when it’s a home opener, especially when the owner tells you that it’s a big deal,” said Frank Reich. .. “I think we all received that message. I want to deliver one of them here.”

It’s a strange twist for franchises that relied on a fast start in the days of Peyton Manning.

However, since the release of Manning in March 2012, the first day has been mostly frowned upon.

Andrew Luck’s debut had a 20-point defeat in Chicago, lost to Manning in Denver in 2014, and another explosion in Rams, who injured Luck in 2017, and lost to the Chargers in 2019. Both took place in Los Angeles. Last year began with a defeat in Jacksonville — the Jaguars’ only victory of the season.

Now they are about to record their first week defeat in seven games against the defending NFC West champion.

“It’s important to start from 1-0, which sets the tempo of the season,” said DeForest Buckner, an all-pro defensive tackle. “Last year we started from 0-1 and everyone had a bad taste in their mouth because we knew we should definitely win. It determined the outcome of the season. It determines who wins the division and who does not. “

Colts learned on Friday that Carson Wentz was allowed to play on Sunday, even though he was absent for three weeks due to a left leg injury and was absent from the Reserve / COVID-19 list for another five days. He practiced for the first time on Wednesday with full pad and unlimited.

Seattle knows it will be a challenge.

“They have great running games that complement some of the play action stuff,” said Bobby Wagner, an all-pro linebacker. “He (Wentz) is really good at reading the ball away from his hand. It’s very different from the movie he’s watching on Philip Rivers.”

Seattle also went against the odds in the early Sunday match. The Seahawks have won 11 of the last 12 times in this time slot, including the 3-1 mark last season.

And with quarterback Russell Wilson, Pro Bowl receiver DK Metcalf, and stubborn defense, the Seahawks may have the perfect combination to ruin another opening day for Artey and Colts. Maybe.

“It’s the same wherever you go,” said Pete Carroll. “No matter what is happening, we bring the best things we have to bring every day. This program is built on it.”

Unveiling ceremony

Seahawks fans can finally get a glimpse of how Wilson fits into Shane Waldron’s new attack. Most starters didn’t play during the preseason, and Carroll wants to see how it works.

Waldron used to work for Sean McVay in Los Angeles, but Seattle believes he can blend what he worked for the Rams with what he worked for the Seahawks. Players and coaches use terms such as tempo and theatrical variety to describe what they expect.

“I’m excited to see our guys go because there’s a guy in every right place we love,” Carroll said. “We are really looking forward to executing the game plan.”

Tailor made

Reich clearly wants Colts to be the run-first offense, and he hasn’t changed his plans as four starters have returned from one of the league’s top offense lines.

One of the differences from last season — Marlon Mack backs up last season’s top rookie rusher, Jonathan Taylor. Jonathan Taylor averaged 5.9 yards and eight touchdowns in the last seven games, but didn’t play in the preseason.

“It was a good job, but even in the preseason, there’s really nothing to prepare for a scenario like that game,” Taylor said when asked about collaborative practice with Carolina in mid-August. .. “When it’s time to play, it’s time to play. It’s a completely different feeling, so you have to be mentally ready when it’s time to go.”

Do you want to loosen him?

Seattle Safety Jamal Adams needed only 12 games to break the NFL sack record in defensive back (9 1/2). And even though he played most of 2020 with finger and shoulder injuries that required off-season surgery, he did.

Now, in his second season with the Seahawks, Carroll hinted that Adams might loosen more often. Seattle believes Adams is a defensive playmaker who can line up in multiple places to take advantage of Pass Rush’s skills.

Tim Booth, an AP sports writer in Seattle, also contributed to this report.

Seahawks look to extend Colts opening-game woes Source link Seahawks look to extend Colts opening-game woes

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