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North Port, Florida (WFLA) — Gabby Petitio’s fiancée, The last woman I saw on a cross-country trip with my fiancé three weeks ago, I’m gone now.

Police nominated Brian Laundry earlier this week to be interested in Gabby’s disappearance. Now he’s gone and a lawyer in his family said he didn’t know where he was.

Attorney Rick Stafford said: “The whole Gabby family wants to let the world know that Brian isn’t missing. He’s hiding. Gabby isn’t there.”

Joseph Petito, the father of Gabby Petito, said in a tweet: Do not lose your concentration. He added the hashtags “Find Gabby” and “Bring Gabby Home”.

The laundry house was quiet on Saturday morning, but there was a lot of activity on Friday night.

“Gabby’s parents want an answer … they deserve an answer!” Dozens of protesters holding signs outside the laundry house shouted.

Northport police said Brian’s family lawyer contacted them on Friday night to talk for the first time.

They said the family was worried because he hadn’t been seen since Tuesday. The last time he was seen was wearing a hiking bag with a waist strap.

But those who stayed home late Friday aren’t as worried about where Gabby is as they are.

One of the protesters we talked to, Jen Nasimento, who lived in Northport and didn’t know Gabby personally, called out to help Brian find Gabby. He said the fact that he didn’t raise it was unacceptable.

“He feels like a coward,” said Nasimento. “He knows something, even if it’s an accident or something. It’s painful for me to say nothing to him.”

Brian is interested in Gabby’s disappearance, but police said he didn’t want to commit a crime.

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Northport police said they would only return Brian to his parents’ home if he knew where he was. A police spokesperson asked him where Gabby was and said he would talk more with him, but they acknowledged his right not to speak.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned to News2 and for the latest information.

Search continues for fiancé of Gabby Petito Source link Search continues for fiancé of Gabby Petito

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