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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-14 14:00:00 –

The search for the missing swimmer off Makapuu resumed on the fourth day of this morning after 24-year-old Malik Dobson was reportedly washed away from a rocky ledge on East Oahu Beach.

A Honolulu Fire Department helicopter and a boat carrying four divers were deployed around 5:30 am, followed by a US Coast Guard helicopter looking for a missing young man in the waters off Makapuu Beach Park.

HFD also plans to deploy a drone team for today’s search activities.

Family, friends and volunteers will spread later today along the Kaiwi coastline between Makapu and Sandy Beach to assist in the search.

For the past three days, HFD has been working with Maritime Safety, the US Coast Guard, and the Navy in search operations.

Today, the focus of HFD is primarily on the side of the bay below the Makapuu Lighthouse, where Dobson was last seen, where the tide pools are located.

“We are focusing on where he was last seen,” said HFD Captain Malcolm Medrano.

HFD and Ocean Safety first began their search around 4 pm on Monday after receiving a 911 call to the missing swimmer.

The search focused on the area after Dobson’s personal belongings were found near the area where it was last seen.

On Tuesday, HFD created a coordinated action plan based on opinions from all agencies and the U.S. Navy, including searching underwater, coastlines, and offshore using computer-aided drift models and buoys. Said it was done.

The Coast Guard searched offshore at Cutter Joseph Gelsack in collaboration with the HC-130 plane, the MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, and the Navy, which searched for helicopters and aircraft crew.

The search continued on Tuesday and Wednesday, with crew members deployed from Makapuu Point along the coastline of Hanauma Bay.

Dobson was temporarily seen 100 feet off the shore shortly after being pushed in, but was not seen again after the first sighting. He was finally seen wearing a black rash guard and blue striped shorts.

The strong waves and winds that have prevailed over the past few days can cause stronger than normal currents in Makapu.

Dobson’s family, friends, and expanded church family have been camping along the coastline since Monday night, monitoring search activities, staying alert, and hoping to find him.

Rev. Shon Kihewa, Dobson’s uncle, described him as a wise and charismatic boy who always helps others. He said the family learned that a pair of shorts and shirt was found today, but there were no signs of his nephew yet.

“We are just praying and have hope,” he said Wednesday. “Our faith lets us through.”

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