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Dance group Turnip cake June 21st episode begins America’s Got Talent With a fun and lively routine. Simon Cowell I love how performance shows their personality. He praises them for doing “everything they have to do in that audition.” The group gets approval from all four judges.

Ethan Yang At just 17 years old, he looks pretty shy at first in front of the judges. He comes back to life with the performance of the Rubik’s Cube. He solves them all easily and even rides a unicycle while solving the Rubik’s Cube.

Kristen Cruz will be the grand entrance

America's Got Talent
“AGT” will be judged in the episode on June 21st. (NBC)

Simon loves Ethan’s “showmanship” in his deeds. Heidi Klum Rave, “This was great.” Howie Mandel “I love the way you underestimate it and then surprise us.”

Kristen Cruz Is a 19-year-old singer who became viral on TikTok during quarantine.She surprises the judges with the sensational cover of “I See Red” Everyone loves outlaws.. Kristen begins to cry when he hears the cheers of the audience. Simon calls Kristen’s performance “unbelievable,” and the rest of the judges agree.

AGT We have some comedians on stage. Chris James Impress the judges, especially Howie. With someone like Chris, Howie hopes the comics will continue this year. Connor King Get off to an unstable start and get no from Howie. However, the other judges give him another chance and send him to the next round.

Kristen Cruz
Kristen Cruz during her “AGT” audition. (NBC)

comedian Wraith Lullaby It’s a hit for the judges and the audience. “It was very interesting and easy,” says Sophia. Howie points out that Lace “forgot that a very natural Sophia is a performance.” Not surprisingly, Lace is moving forward.

Jannick Holste Combining magic and dance to achieve one electrical and amazing act. Heidi says everything about this German act, but Simon admits that his performance is “greatly good and at the same time wonderfully bad.” Despite Simon’s reservation, Janick is heading for the next round.

Singer and polyamory comedian surprise judges

Key Run Rose A completely self-taught pianist and singer.He starts singing Billy Joel “She got lost,” but Simon stopped him in the middle of the performance. Simon asks Kieran to play the original song.

Kieran decides on the song “Disengage”, which he wrote about the fight against depression. “You are a young star man,” Howie tells Kieran. Simon believes that this audition can and will change Kieran’s life.

Christians Different from other dancers AGT I’ve seen it before. Her routine combines pole work with interactive media elements. Heidi praised Christie’s “amazing vision,” and she said she “broke pole dance to a whole new level.” Howie declares that Kristy’s act is a “Las Vegas show.”

Justin Wraple A stand-up comedian looking for his big break. His wife and their partner are in an audience that supports him.He tells the judge that he has more than 200 impressions and surprises everyone with his impersonation Mark Wahlberg, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, more. Heidi says Justin “blows it out of the water,” and he’s already a “working” star. All the judges are in love with him.

Klein Twins Their hockey tricks AGT stage. They are so incredibly in sync. They are a wonder to see. Sophia is all about this “unexpected” and “different” behavior. Glamor Australia Please draw everyone’s heart with the acting of the dog. Howie compares performance to “ballet”. He admits that dogs have never seen “do so great” behavior.

Tester His dangerous act America’s Got Talent And he says it’s all about exploring the limits of the body. He steps on the knife and hangs his neck from the knife while floating in the air. Judges are amazed at this refreshing and dangerous act.

Mayyas sounds a golden buzzer

Mayyas receives a golden buzzer from Sofia Vergara. (NBC)

The final performance at night Mayas, Lebanese dance group. Mayyas leaders grew up watching AGT And he says he was inspired by Nightbird For auditions. After their stunning performance, the group receives a standing ovation from the judges.

“There is no word to explain to you what we were feeling here,” says Sophia. She added that the performance was “the most beautiful and creative dance I have ever seen.” Simon even reveals that it was “probably the best dance act I’ve ever seen.”Sophia decided to show how much she loves Meillasso by giving her to her group. Golden buzzer!!

Season 17 Episode 4 Summary – Hollywood Life

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