Seattle Children’s Hospital identifies racial disparities in infections, security response – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-09-26 17:05:00 –

As part of the recently announced Health Disparity and Anti-Racism Action Plan, Seattle Children’s Hospital is a race that exists in practice, including infections with certain IV technologies and protocols used to call patient security. Identified target and ethnic disparities.

The Action Plan comes after public opposition over how the organization’s administration and board continued to hide the results of independent audits of the organization’s workplace culture on racial and ethnic equity issues.

In this document, goals such as “Increase employee diversity by race / ethnicity to 40% to further reflect the patient’s population” and fairness, diversity and inclusion among multiple levels of staff. We are identifying measures to improve sexual training.

It also covers plans to dismantle the “code purple” system that was used to call patient security.

“We recognized the inequality in January 2021 and revised our policies and processes,” said Seattle Children’s spokesman Jennifer Morgan. “We chose to take advantage of the design process, which involves patients and their families, to completely redesign the process.”

Morgan said it was impossible to guess what the team would design. She stated that their goal was to incorporate psychosocial / deescalation expertise into clinical areas where they could partner with patients, families and staff in a more aggressive way.

The plan also identified the goal of reducing the disparity in central venous bloodstream infections associated with certain types of IV in “patients who use languages ​​other than English and black / African American patients.”

“There are disparities in bloodstream infection rates associated with central venous catheters. Over the past year, we have measured how we care for lines by race, ethnicity, and language,” Morgan said. Stated. “So far, there is no difference in how we care for the line. We focus on black and African American patients and identify additional strategies to implement to close these disparities. It is working.”

Seattle Children’s has been working on the data used to identify these disparities for weeks, despite the goal of “redesigning reports on anti-racism and fairness, diversity and inclusiveness efforts.” Did not respond to multiple requests over. Commit to quarterly reports. “

“Planning doesn’t make the organization anti-racist. Seattle Children admits that it’s not currently an anti-racist organization, but we’re employees, patients. We promise our families and communities to do so, “said Jeff Spelling, CEO of Seattle Children’s, in the preface to the action plan.

Seattle Children’s Hospital identifies racial disparities in infections, security response Source link Seattle Children’s Hospital identifies racial disparities in infections, security response

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