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Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Deport and manager Scott Survey are controlling damage to players directly mentioned or referenced in an online video that led to the resignation of former team CEO Kevin Mother.

Here’s a message from the affected people over the last two days: You have the right to be upset.

“We urge players to be very open and the same. And if they want to get angry, frankly, they should be. They should be insulted. “It’s,” Dipoto said today. “But at the same time, they are collectively driven by what we are trying to do here as a team.”

A video posted over the weekend showed Mother expressing his view of the club’s organizational strategy and making controversial remarks about the player during a recent online event. He took top-prospect and insensitive shots of English proficiency from Japan’s former All-Star and the Dominican Republic. He also acknowledged that the team may be manipulating some of the service hours of young players.

Mother apologized on Sunday and suddenly resigned the next day, but not before the organization was in trouble as she began full-team training in Arizona.

Both Dipoto and Selve are angry.

“For me, Scott, or the people around this team, it’s not our point of view, so it’s embarrassing that this is our point of view,” Dipoto said. “It’s embarrassing for us to classify and deal with the currently fixed stigma, and we need to get rid of it. It’s our responsibility to endure, and we’re now responsible for it. You have to bear, and you have to find a way to grow beyond that. “

Seattle pitcher Marco Gonzales is distracted today after his first full-team workout as players get angry with comments and want to pay attention to the accumulation towards the start of the spring training game. He said he was bothered.

According to Gonzales, players see Mother’s remarks as “the opinion of someone who isn’t near us.” He is not throwing the ball here. He isn’t waving bats here. “

“Sometimes a common goal can unite you, but sometimes a common enemy can do the same, if not more,” Gonzales said. “So I think that’s the boat we’re on right now.”

Mother’s most inspiring comment was on the English proficiency of former All-Star pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma and top prospect Julio Rodriguez, who elicited the strongest reaction from Dipoto and Selve.

Selve mentioned his winter baseball experience in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela and the opening trip to the Mariners two years ago.

“It’s amazing. You really appreciate what foreign players have to experience. Not only are they communicating, they’re trying to find a way to play the game at the highest level. “Servais said. “So no one appreciates it more than I do. That’s a subject I’m very sensitive to.”

Mother has undermined baseball’s strategy, admitting that the team may be manipulating the service hours of top prospects Jarred Kelenic and Logan Gilbert. Mother also revealed information about the deal negotiations between Kelenic and pitcher James Paxton, calling veteran Kyle Seager “overpaid.”

Mother angered the players by saying that neither Kelenic nor Gilbert would join the Major League Baseball club on the first day as a way to maintain control of the club longer.

In particular, these comments have been the focus of attention around baseball and are part of Dipoto’s stigma that the Mariners must overcome.

“Every player needs to wake up and read the news about the Mariners guy,” said New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole, one of the eight players on the union’s executive subcommittee. “Unfortunately, these conversions are taking place in many clubs. It’s the way many clubs are acting. This guy is talking to him about the player who is making money. The product is him. Are people who don’t talk much. I’m just tired. Tired, man. “

Aaron Judge, a Yankees slugger, added: I think we are all ears. It’s sad to see. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. “

Both Selve and Dipoto said no decision had been made on Seattle’s roster, and Kelenic and Gilbert had plans to be communicated to both.

“All our players know what their path is and what their development plans look like.

Selve said he had met several players that Mother had mentioned directly.

“The temperature is very high and I think many people have mentioned their name for a variety of reasons,” Selve said. “That wasn’t surprising at all. But I’m very happy with this group and proud of how they’ve been treated so far. We could talk about this all day long. And our players will continue to handle things the right way. “

Seattle doing damage control with players after exec’s video Source link Seattle doing damage control with players after exec’s video

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