Seattle Film Summit returns to partial in-person format this September – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington 2021-08-05 15:15:00 –

Ben Andrews co-founded the Seattle Film Summit in 2013. He and his associates felt that there was a disconnect between the creative professionals in the area.

He described the Seattle film industry at the time as “anemic,” lacking creative cooperation and lack of community consciousness.

It will be an event for both insiders and outsiders in the industry.

Chad Hutson, the organizer of the Seattle Film Summit, said it intends to be a place for not only well-established make-up artists, but also accountants who are really interested in horror movie make-up. Said.

“It allows people to get a glimpse of the industry,” Hatson said.

According to Andrews, the Seattle Film Summit is about building a creative economy in the region and building connections to strengthen the creative sector as a community.

What started as a way to promote creative collaboration and film projects in Seattle went beyond that as the event expanded its reach outside the region.

Andrews said the final face-to-face SFS at Hyatt in Renton in 2019 had more than 750 attendees, showing significant growth from the first event in 2013. He added that last year’s Virtual Film Summit included virtual participants from 27 countries.

He said he believes the event has become somewhat “catalyst” for the creative sector of our region’s economy, as well as for film partnerships that never existed before.

“We like to think we have puzzle pieces,” Andrews said.

He pointed out that politicians are now beginning to recognize the value of the creative sector. This year’s event includes a pitch contest with a jury, including public policy experts, ready to give advice on how creatives can get public funding for passionate projects. ..

According to Andrews, the focus of this year’s hybrid virtual and face-to-face film summit will be on how to defend themselves to creators, create opportunities that were previously unavailable, and collaborate with other passionate creatives. Is to teach.

“We are building this community so that everyone can rise at the same level at the same time,” Andrews said.

The pandemic has created a significant challenge for Seattle Film Summit organizers to transform the entire event into a virtual format, but artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creators need to bring people together in a tough year. I understood.

“People have relied on art to get us out of this turmoil,” Hutson said.

Andrews said he believes it has something to do with the way people collectively celebrate art and the community after the pandemic. He pointed out the Renaissance following Bubonic plague, or the “Roaring Twenties” following the Spanish flu.

The SFS organizer said there will be an opening night mixer and reception on September 4th, before the series of virtual events the next day. On September 10th, there will be a tour of King County’s new Harbor Island Studio, and on September 11th, more face-to-face celebrations will take place at the Hyatt in Renton.

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Seattle Film Summit returns to partial in-person format this September Source link Seattle Film Summit returns to partial in-person format this September

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