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Stockton (CBS13) — Police are investigating after another teenager was shot and killed in Stockton Thursday afternoon.

This happens a few days after the boy was fatally shot in a fast food drive-through. Detectives said the number of murders in the city has skyrocketed this year, almost 70% more than last year.

The latest shooting took place on Thursday at Kelly Drive. Police responded to the scene around 1 pm and found a 15-year-old boy shot. They tried to take him to the hospital, but he didn’t.

“This is an ongoing investigation and there is currently no suspicious information or motivation,” said Rosie Calderon, Stockton Police Community Services Officer.

On December 5, Stockton police said another 15-year-old boy was shot dead in front of his mother while passing through a Burger King drive-through. Police said the suspect shot the passenger side of the car.

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This type of violence is an experience that too many families have in common.

“I was very angry when I saw it because some other parents had to experience what we had,” Mavis Proingham said.

Ployngam’s 15-year-old son, Alero Ployngam, was shot in 2017. Mavis Ployngam said he was shot 28 times. She left the state to escape the violence in Stockton. And she said she had no answer yet about her son — why he was killed and who did it.

“There was no explanation. They never caught who did it,” she said. “You never get over it.”

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Law enforcement agencies are calling on the Stockton community to provide information after this latest shooting.

“Whatever you see and suspect to call it, it can lead us to suspects,” Calderon said.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney issued this statement on Thursday. “This must be stopped now, and only when each of us works with law enforcement to find the driving force of violence.”

The families of the murder victims are familiar. Unsolved cases can lead to lifelong broken hearts.

“It looks like he’s gone and it hurt my heart,” Proingham said.

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Second 15-Year-Old Gunned Down In Stockton Within Two Weeks – CBS Sacramento Source link Second 15-Year-Old Gunned Down In Stockton Within Two Weeks – CBS Sacramento

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