Secretariat Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey reveals Yang’s sperm donor

Is the baby really Kevin’s?Guessed Yang’s sperm donor after fans spent 13 years office was, Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Finally revealed his identity: tennis star Andy Roddick..

During ~ episode Their “Office Ladies” podcasts Fischer (47) and Kinsey (49), released on Tuesday, May 4, omit details from the show and its deleted scenes, even if they were part of the original script. I shared what has been done. In Season 4 episode “Goodbye Toby,” Michael Scott (Steve carell) His ex-girlfriend Jean Levinson (Melora Hardin) I am pregnant.

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Fortunately for the fans, the actresses had an original script nearby Podcast recording So they were able to share exactly how the conversation about the baby’s father ended.

“It looks like Yang expects Michael to be very impressed,” says Kinsey. Played Angela Martin Said on a sitcom. “And Michael says,’Tennis player?’, And Yang says,” Well, that’s a little more. He’s the sixth-ranked player in the world and has won four Grand Slams. And Michael says, “I think it’s a lot of Grand Slams.”

Later, Michael shows his true feelings about his original news — and the realization that she became pregnant while they were dating.

“Michael is quiet, Yang goes,’Michael?’ And Michael says,” Can I sit here for a minute without coming to my mind? ” Tall girl The actress continued.

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According to Fisher, who played Pam Beasli in the series, Roddick, 38, was chosen because he was a friend of the actor. Rainn Wilson And you will often drop in at the set.

“Imagine that the reason they wrote it as Andy Roddick’s sperm was a little nod to Andy. Amazing sense of humor“She explained.” This didn’t stop at the episode because I’m so sad for him. “

After the episode was released, fans commented on the mysterious closure of longevity.

“Everyone really guessed Kevin was his father’s smh,” said a fan. I have written Via Twitter. “So there was a moment of AHA listening to the podcast today. If you get pregnant while Yang is still with you — that probably means she was on a major hormonal roller coaster in the meantime. [the ‘Dinner Party’ episode].. That would be a great explanation! Another fan comment “Office Ladies” Instagram page.

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Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn DeckerShe also shared her own opinion on what to reveal.

“Yang, Sweetie, Need discussion, “Model, 34, Joke Via Instagram on Thursday, May 6th.

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Secretariat Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey reveals Yang’s sperm donor

Source link Secretariat Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey reveals Yang’s sperm donor

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