Secretary of State Election Recount: “Numbers Reflect People’s Will”

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger told reporters Friday that President Joe Biden had decisively defeated the state after the state’s manual recount was completed on Thursday. Biden’s victory there was reaffirmed..

“I think the numbers we released today are correct. The numbers reflect the will of the people,” said Republican Lafensparger.

He also called for the passage of several laws to improve the state’s voting system, including reforming absentee ballots and conducting audits in areas where voting discrepancies occurred.

According to a statement by Raffensberger on Thursday, the manual recount supported the original results produced by the voting machine count.

“Georgia’s first historic state-wide audit reaffirmed that the state’s new secure paper voting system accurately counted and reported results,” Lafenceberger said. “This is the result of the efforts of the county and local election authorities to carry out such critical missions in a short period of time and act swiftly to complete them.”

Hand recounting was part of the audit required by the new state law. This has nothing to do with any suspicious issues regarding the outcome of this election or the official recount request. The law requires that the audit be completed before the county results are certified by the state. This must be done by Friday.

Mr. Trump can request a recount because the result was still within 0.5%, but he cannot request a recount until the state certifies the result.

Georgia was one of the five states that Biden converted from President Trump in 2016. Biden won the state by a 0.3% margin. Since former President Bill Clinton won the Democratic Party in 1992, the state has not resolved to send the Democratic Party to the White House.

Mr. Trump claimed that there was no evidence that illegal votes were counted in the presidential election and declared the Georgia recount as a “fraud.” Mr. Trump also erroneously claimed that the state would “turn over the Republican Party” when all the votes were counted. “Yeah! @BrianKempGA,” he tweeted Thursday to the Governor of the State Republican Party.

In response to Thursday’s announcement by La Fenceberger, the Trump campaign said in a statement, “Georgia simply recounted all the illegal votes that were included in the total, so this so-called hand recount goes as expected. That’s it. ” This statement did not provide evidence of illegality.

Peach will hold a spill election in January to decide on two Senate races.

Secretary of State Election Recount: “Numbers Reflect People’s Will”

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