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Washington-FBI warned law enforcement agencies about possible militant-led violence prior to last week’s breach of the US Capitol, and prosecutors are now against at least some of Trump’s supporters who attacked the building. U.S. officials said they were considering incitement charges on Tuesday.

Statements by FBI and Justice Department officials defending federal law enforcement preparations before a deadly riot and arresting participants, especially in the new revelations that the FBI warns of violence. Even if they leave Washington with a warning that they are, the felony will be prosecuted.

The number of misdemeanors against dozens of people arrested so far could still be upgraded to sedition, which could be punished with up to 20 years in prison, according to Washington’s deputy US federal prosecutor, Michael Sherwin. There is. The instigation has effectively accused the mob of attempting to overthrow or defeat the government, and Democrats said the mob was involved in an “attempted coup” after the FBI’s briefing on the siege.

“This is just the beginning,” Sherwin said of his first indictment against more than 70 people. “If it was a trespass on the Houses of Parliament or someone set up a pipe bomb, you will be prosecuted and you will be found, so we will focus on the most important deterrent prosecution.”

Even for those who have left Washington, “an agent in the local office will knock your door,” said Stephen Dantuono, assistant director of the FBI’s Washington office, tracking participants. Emphasized national efforts for. Riot.

The Justice Department has created a specialized strike force to investigate the possibility of sedition. Officials said the riot investigation used some of the same methods used in the international anti-terrorism investigation to investigate the defendant’s flow and movement leading up to the breach. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat in New York, called for the mob to be added to the no-fly zone list. This is the most commonly applied tool in foreign terrorist attacks.

Still, the exposure that the FBI received information that foresaw a clear possibility of violence contradicts previous announcements from law enforcement leaders about the potential danger last week. Many, including the former parliamentary police chief, said they were unaware of serious concerns and were only prepared for a protest of freedom of speech. Parliamentary police and others did not immediately answer questions about the discrepancy.

See: The FBI warned of a violent “war” in the Capitol in an internal report issued the day before the deadly riots: Report

The press conference took place hours after the Washington Post reported the existence of a January 5 report from the FBI’s field office in Norfolk, Virginia, detailing the possibility of a “war” in Washington the next day. I predicted. The existence of such a harsh warning seemed to contradict the FBI’s previous claim that “there was no indication that there was anything other than the activities protected by the first amendment.”

D’Antuono defended the handling of the information, stating that the information was shared with other law enforcement agencies in 40 minutes.

U.S. Pentagon officials familiar with the debate said on Tuesday that Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy was unaware of the FBI’s warning.

Officials who discussed internal deliberations on condition of anonymity said it was unclear whether defense and military officials had heard of the FBI’s notice, but statements from all recent leaders said they did. Levels of violence were expected in the Capitol.

Defense and National Guard officials, including McCarthyism, said in interviews over the past few days that DC had said they believed the protests were similar to the protests on November 14 and December 12. Officials said they were active on Twitter but did not anticipate the level of violence they finally saw last Wednesday.

Even without information from law enforcement, there were enough warnings about the Trump support demonstration in Washington. However, according to several people who were briefed on law enforcement actions, the US Capitol Police did not increase staffing and could lead to large-scale violent riots in planned protests. I didn’t prepare. Authorities declined the assistance provided by the Pentagon three days before the riot.

When the backup was finally requested, it took more than two hours for the military to mobilize near the Capitol. By that time, the mob had been furious inside for more than four hours.

When the mob began to move in the Capitol, the police lieutenant ordered not to use deadly force. This explains why police officers outside the building did not pull out their weapons when the crowd approached. If your boss believes that doing so can lead to stampede or shootouts, don’t make the situation worse.

In this case, it also left a policeman with little ability to resist the mob. In one video from the scene, a policeman raised his fist and tried to push back the crowd holding him and his colleagues to the door. The crowd ridicules, “You are not American!” And a man tried to deceive him at the tip of the American flag.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was not responsible for the violent riots in the Capitol on Tuesday. He said his remarks before the supporters marched to the Capitol were “perfectly appropriate.” He commented when lawmakers aggregated the votes of the Electoral College and made their first public appearance since the siege of the Capitol, which supported President Joe Biden’s victory.

The rampage through the parliamentary hall hid members of both parties and Trump’s own vice president as the crowd demanded Mike Pence’s lynching for his role in overseeing the number of votes. This scene also undermined the republic’s characteristic change of power. At least five people were killed, including one police officer in the Capitol.


Washington Associated Press author Lolita C Baldor contributed to this report.

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Sedition, conspiracy charges being considered for Capitol rioters, federal officials say Source link Sedition, conspiracy charges being considered for Capitol rioters, federal officials say

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