See all 2021 Goodwood Revival Racing Actions here

It’s time for Goodwood Revival Race once again.As always, the entire event is being streamed Live on youtube To incorporate as long or as little as you like. The stream itself is directly above, where you can see all the actions.

This 2021 edition of revival is the first in a few years. 2020 event canceled due to Covid-19.. If this is your first time using Revival You are looking for a treat..Instead of blasting a driveway in the hills for a few minutes Goodwood Festival of Speed, Revival is a wheel-to-wheel racing event held at Good tree Circuit (track of the same property). It is made up of classic racing cars from an era that is completely gone, and we want to recreate the racing cars of the time. And trust us when we tell you: these drivers are pushing it to the limit. They sometimes get together beyond their limits, but it’s all a good racing spirit.

Goodwood Revival isn’t just about cars.and About people and atmosphere.. All attendees will dress up as if they were at the same time as the race car. You can choose from decades of fashion, but that’s hardly a problem. Walk around the paddock It feels like you’re back in time (or literally everywhere). Even all the buildings and decorations around the railroad tracks vary from period to period.

It’s a special place and a special event that I highly recommend going someday. But if you’re not there, the next best thing is to look at the comfort of your sofa. The truck gets hot today and doesn’t stop until the end of Sunday, so enjoy the action throughout the weekend.

Below are photos of the Goodwood Revival we last attended. This is in case you’re looking for a preview of what’s coming up this weekend.

See all 2021 Goodwood Revival Racing Actions here

Source link See all 2021 Goodwood Revival Racing Actions here

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