See the bachelor’s degree Colton Underwood at the 1st’Coming Out Colton’ Teaser

His story. Colton Underwood teeth Open about his sexuality In his first trailer Netflix Reality Series, Colton comes out..

“I didn’t want to be gay” Season 23 BacelloNS, 29, revealed in the teaser that debuted on Monday, November 29th. “And the main voice in my head was just telling me,” You will go through this, you will go through this. “

In the clip, the former NFL player said he “wants[s] To be a man of faith “but other people in his life made him Free from prejudice He may have about himself.


“How do I become a soccer player and gay?” Indiana natives ask at some point in the trailer.

Underwood said he saidI didn’t expect him to come outBut he knew he had to deal with his devil.

“The reason I came out is because I’m embarrassed to have led me to this position in the first place,” he tells the camera.

Reality star Came out as gay in April Appearing Good morning, America, “I’ve run away from myself for a long time. I hated myself for a long time …. I’m gay and agreed to it earlier this year and dealt with it. And all of this The next step was to let people know. “

When Colton comes out, Reality stars want to make up for what they’ve hurt in the past, including ex-girlfriends Cassie RandolphWho was His winner Bachelor season In 2019.

After more than a year of dating The two confirmed their division May 2020.Randolph, 26 years old and over Blame Underwood for stalking and harassing.. We weekly Huntington Beach natives in September 2020 Gave a restraint order to her ex, Which Dropped that November..

Source of information spoken exclusively We Randolph in June “Surely not” is displayed On Underwood’s reality show.

Colton Underwood Netflix Series Premiere Date

However, in the trailer, For the first time: Find yourself on reality TV and look for love author “You want to sit down and apologize and feel good, [but] The best you can do is to face what you have done and know who you are. “

As “Gay during training” NS single Season 14 Alum admits that he is learning how to become himself with the help of family and friends such as Olympic skiers. Gus Kenworthy — And he believes this six-episode reality show gives him the opportunity to do that.

“everyone’s The story that comes out No, “Underwood says in the trailer. “And I’m grateful to be able to add my story to the conversation.”

Colton comes out Streaming will begin on Netflix on Friday, December 3rd.

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See the bachelor’s degree Colton Underwood at the 1st’Coming Out Colton’ Teaser

Source link See the bachelor’s degree Colton Underwood at the 1st’Coming Out Colton’ Teaser

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