See VWID.4 “Coupe”. Wrap the Nürburgring with a fake grill and exhaust.

Another vehicle that makes the word “coupe” sneaky, this chunky Volkswagen ID.4, was caught quietly wrapping the Nürburgring. A prototype wearing a cheerful fake “grill” made of stickers isn’t much different on the front when compared to the regular ID.4. The change is noticeable behind the B-pillar as the roofline gradually slopes backwards from the standard model.

Ignoring these fake exhaust chips, you can observe the integrated rear spoiler hosting the third brake light. In the traditional style ID.4, the roof mount spoiler has a third light built in. Also, I cannot help noticing that the rear wiper is sadly gone. The rear wiper may also allow a cleaner look with the same veins as the MIA Porsche Cayenne Coupe.

The taillights appear to have different graphics of small rectangles to separate the “coupe” version from ID.4. I also think the bumper has been redesigned. In fact, the front bumper already looks pretty aggressive with its large (and perhaps fake) side air intakes. The prototype also appears to sit a little below the ground. Therefore, it suggests that the suspension setup is stiffer.

One of the biggest pieces of the missing puzzle is the name of the vehicle. Various reports have suggested that it is called ID.4 GTX or ID.5, but there is no official one at this time. ID.5 makes more sense in the retail version of ID Space Vizzion, so it’s tempting to believe that it’s the former rather than the latter. Looking at Audi and its Q4 E-Tron, the VW is more likely to stick to ID.4 because the “coupe” brothers of the electric SUV are called the Q4 E-Tron Sportback instead of the Q5 E-Tron. Derivative.

Whatever it is called, it is not so different compared to the donor model, so a more athletic ID.4 could be announced in 2021. It is not yet known if more punches will be packed to compensate for the loss of practicality caused by the sloping roofline. Needless to say, all coupe SUVs are a bit more expensive because they are more expensive than the regular version on which they are based.

As a review, the 201 hp regular rear-wheel drive ID.4 starts at $ 39,995 in the US, followed by the 302 hp AWD model at $ 43,695 on tap.

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