SEIU 1199 and SEIU Local 1 Endorse Justin Bibb for Mayor – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-22 10:54:00 –

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Both branches of the Service Employees International Union in Cleveland announced their support for mayoral candidate Justin Bibb on Wednesday, expressing their desire for leadership in the new brand with a commitment to those working in the city hall.

SEIU District 1199, a union representing social welfare workers and health workers in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, supported Senator Sandra Williams in the primary elections. Williams is a former prison officer and former SEIU member. But given Kevin Kelly, the opponent of Bib’s general election, the shift in support for Bib is not unexpected. SEIU 1199 has repeatedly plagued Cleveland’s policy issues with Kelly, especially during the local $ 15 battle.

SEIU Local 1 is a union representing 1,700 Cleveland janitor and other service workers, as well as 50,000 members across the entire service area, and announced approval at a press conference.

Yanela Sims is the Ohio Director of SEIU Local 1. She said it’s time for Cleveland to have bold new leadership that isn’t afraid to represent all working people, not just business interests.

“Most of Cleveland is made up of working class, everyday people who have been forgotten for too long,” she said. “Members of SEIU Local 1 are indispensable workers. They are indispensable before Covid, indispensable during Covid, and indispensable after Covid. We acknowledge it and recognize the importance of workers. We need a representative of our city to recognize. ”

According to The Sims, SEIU Local 1 sees bibs as a “new glowing light” and is what Cleveland really needs. She said she believes that SEIU Local 1 can offer new ideas while understanding the essentials of bib workers: higher wages, better benefits, safer working conditions, and more.

Bib was honored to accept the support and humbly described his campaign as the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, who said he was recruiting janitor in Memphis shortly before the assassination in 1968.

“My campaign is really about Dr. King,” Bib said. “He said America can’t wait, the working class can’t wait, and Cleveland is a fighter for the working class, a fighter for service workers, a fight for janitor. I can’t wait for the mayor to take the opportunity. ”

Bib said on the November ballot that his name wasn’t the only one, as before. Racial and financial justice is also included in the ballot. He said that in his administration, workers would be seated at the table, and he promised to fight for the essential workers “every day.”

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SEIU 1199 and SEIU Local 1 Endorse Justin Bibb for Mayor Source link SEIU 1199 and SEIU Local 1 Endorse Justin Bibb for Mayor

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