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Riverside, California 2021-11-25 10:44:23 –

In an exclusive television interview, Serena’s father talks about the worst day of his life: the day his daughter was shot and killed.

In the final part of Corpus Christi, Texas — Abraham Quintanilla’s memoir “Father’s Dream,” 3News scrutinized the struggle he has faced since the death of his daughter Tejano music icon Serena.

In this book, Quintanilla shares the truth about the extraordinary life-saving efforts that doctors have made against deadly injured singers. A book dealing with rumors that he refused blood transfusions to his daughter.

My grandfather would say “gentequeda el golpe y escon de la mano” in Spanish. I would like to translate it into English. There are people who attack you, so you look back and see who did it, and they hide their hands. Social media is like that. They can tear you up and say bad things of all kinds, but you don’t know who they are, “Kintanilla said.

It’s been over 25 years since Serena Quintanilla died at Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital from gunshot wound to back. Since that day, Quintanilla has had to overcome the criticism that he played a role in the death of his daughter.

“For 26 years I read on social media. It was criticized that Serena died because she didn’t want to shed blood. It was a religious fanaticism. They are wrong, completely wrong,” Kintanilla said. Said.

Quintanilla adds that the Latin singer was given blood when he arrived at the hospital.

“Serena was given blood by a doctor when she arrived at the emergency room hospital after she was shot,” said Kintanilla.

Quintanilla draws from more than memory and from court records.

“I went to court and got all the records of the trial of the woman who killed her daughter,” Kintanilla said.

The tragic details of Serena’s last moment were recorded in Kintanilla’s book.

“The doctor testified that she was already dead when Serena came in and when they brought her. She died bleeding, but he knew who she was. Said Quintanilla.

The book contains that Quintanilla described it as the “truth” of the life-saving efforts of doctors on the night of Serena’s death.

“Really and really we know there are a lot of people out there, you can show them the truth, and they still say,” Oh, I don’t believe it. ” And that’s their privilege. You know, they want to believe they aren’t. That’s fine. You can’t change someone’s heart or heart. I do not think so. That’s why I wanted the public to know what really happened, “Kintanilla said.

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‘Selena was given blood,’ father says Source link ‘Selena was given blood,’ father says

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