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Tulsa, Oklahoma — Senator James Lankford, Oklahoma, attended 2 News Oklahoma and lived in the studio to discuss a variety of topics, including COVID-19, national debt caps, and more.

Rankford said there are two issues involved when it comes to the country’s debt cap.

“It’s the only country in the world that has a debt cap,” says Rankford. “Other countries don’t do it this way.”

He continues that the problem with voting on debt caps is that the last few votes haven’t created a debate about reducing debt itself. He asks Congress to discuss this issue.

“Our total debt is $ 29 trillion. When Ronald Reagan was president, the fastest growing now was our country’s total debt of $ 1 trillion,” Rankford said. I will explain. “It’s accelerating now, but in that short period it’s worth $ 29 trillion, so we’re growing debt rapidly,” he said.

Rankford says Congress should have a real conversation about why debt continues to grow. One of those conversations he believes should be centered around the absence of government closures. Congress should not stop their session before they finish their work, as he compares the situation where students “stay after school to get the job done”.

“My focus is to actually put pressure on the House of Representatives, not the Americans, to be able to solve how it happens.”

While talking about money, Rankford talked about labor shortages and how important it is for people to get back to work. He said the widespread availability of vaccines gives people access to options for getting jobs.

“I encourage people to be vaccinated,” Rankford reveals. “But it’s good to allow people to get back to work and get to work.”

He says there are 5 million people who choose not to get a job two years ago. He states that it is disrupting the supply chain and causing shortages.

Rankford says people have to go back to work in order for the economy and supply chains to recover. One way is to give the job an incentive so that people can talk and apply for the job.

This applies to oil and gas, one of Oklahoma’s largest industries. The $ 3.5 trillion spending bill has planned methane charges that Rankford believes will destroy the state’s economy.

“This will certainly boost the cost of electricity and energy for everyone in our region, all over the country,” says Rankford. “They are trying to be able to target other taxes as well. For example, in a normal business as a restaurant, stores receive tax incentives for this.”

He continues to mention how methane tariffs add additional regulation. This will cause more price increases after people have already faced rising inflation all year round. Rankford said the United States is facing the highest inflation since 1982.

In addition to fighting the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill, Rankford has also spoken out about vaccine obligations. He introduced a law to suspend the mandatory vaccine. It abolishes the Presidential Executive Order on mandatory vaccines for federal workers, employees, and contractors. He says the Americans deserve the choice, and he and his family made that choice to be vaccinated.

“I was vaccinated because I’m obviously interacting with so many people,” says Rankford. “I think everyone else needs to have a choice.”

When someone chooses whether to get vaccinated, personal choices are big. Rankford says that people who don’t want to be vaccinated or who can’t be vaccinated because of immunodeficiency, such as cancer patients, cannot be ignored.

“Don’t impose obligations on people. Keep encouraging. But these obligations are causing so many problems. This is when people want to talk to me in the last few weeks. The number one question I had. Problem. “

That’s why he opposes service members who are disgracefully discharged if they don’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. Rankford has already introduced legislation to stop such behavior.

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Sen. James Lankford discusses COVID-19, debt ceiling, and more Source link Sen. James Lankford discusses COVID-19, debt ceiling, and more

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