Senate confirms that Stephen Cliff will lead a highway safety agency – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-05-26 20:38:50 –

The Senate has confirmed that Steven Cliff, a former California pollution regulator, will operate the National Road Safety Authority.

President Joe Biden’s choice to run the agency was confirmed Thursday by undisputed consent or a formal roll call vote. Cliff will take over traffic safety at a critical time, a week after an estimated 43,000 people died on US roads last year. This is the largest number in 16 years.

He told the Senate Trade Commission in December that he would work on adopting regulations such as those that encourage the use of seat belts and implement obligations under the new infrastructure law to reduce drunk driving.

“I promise to turn this around,” Cliff said, citing the tendency to crash.

Cliff has been NHTSA’s Deputy Director when NHTSA embarked on a rewrite of vehicle fuel economic standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Automakers have also been ordered to report crashes related to self-driving systems. After a collision with a parked emergency vehicle was reported, the agency began investigating a partially automated driver assistance system for Tesla’s autopilot, Associated Press reported..

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