Senate Infrastructure Bill Aims to Make Drinking Detectors and Interior Cameras Mandatory

The U.S. Senate is currently considering a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill specifically targeting sick highway systems, advancing the country’s EV charging infrastructure and introducing more environmentally friendly public transport. Is spending tens of billions of dollars on. But there are also some really weird shit you need to know before this is legislated.

In addition to the new regulations that require the inclusion of a collision detection system and automatic emergency braking, it also requires some kind of in-car drinking detector, where the car calls your bluff and applies a wheel stopper regardless of your actions. The rules have been created. The stated purpose is to reduce drunk driving cases. However, for the proposed system, Driver monitoring cameraCompletely undermine the aristocrats that the cause may have had.

Complaining about over-regulation is like my beat and has kept me really busy over the last few years. But this is at a completely different level due to the turmoil in the nanny state — and we are just getting started.

The number of drunk driving cases has declined over the decades, but it remains a legitimate issue. Also, 2020 undoubtedly reduced driving, resulting in some of the worst accident rates in US history, despite previous downtrends. Sadly, the government’s solution seems to be based on annoying the general public and at the same time violating the right to privacy.

2,700 pages of documentation Proposed to install a networked automatic traffic control hub Cameras that ignore speed and signals (Similar to what currently exists in China), automakers need to install in-vehicle drinking detectors (or equivalents) that they need to use before starting the car. This is a popular tactic in the court system as a way to keep the three sheets out of the wind for drunk driving recipients. But one of the criticisms was that the driver could force someone else to blow the device.Well, stakeholders are some kind of in-car surveillance system that not only makes sure you’re blowing, but also has the ability to track face and eye movements if you plan to get drunk. Explained it by requesting in the meantime drive.

Given that automakers have already installed driver cameras as part of their “advanced driver assistance packages” or “driving assistance packages,” make sure the hardware is refit for government use. Is not that difficult. The industry is beginning to show compliance and satisfaction.

Carla Bailo, CEO of the Automotive Research Center, recently said: NBC News The real problem is that you don’t even develop the hardware to do this. It already exists. The challenge is to make it cheap enough for automakers to install it in literally every car.

“I don’t think it will be as easy as people think,” Bairo said.

from NBC:

Nissan is working on a system that uses several different methods, for example, to see if a disabled driver is holding the steering wheel. Multiple sensors detect alcohol in the cabin air. The camera at the top of the instrument cluster looks for facial cues that indicate the driver is intoxicated, and the vehicle itself looks for driving patterns that suggest a disabled driver.

However, one concern is that even a calm, designated driver can trigger the system by drunk passengers.

The federal government is funding research through the Driver Alcohol Detection System Program for Safety. Several possible solutions are being researched, including those similar to alcohol detectors. However, you don’t have to breathe into the tube each time the driver starts the vehicle, it measures alcohol in the air around the driver. Similar to Nissan’s system, the challenge is to avoid false positives from intoxicated passengers.

The second system measures blood alcohol levels in the capillaries of the body by shining light on the driver’s fingers. It can be incorporated into the vehicle’s start button or steering wheel.

Everything is very futuristic, until you remember that self-driving cars were supposed to arrive a few years ago. The industry’s solution was to release a series of mid-burning support features that require continuous monitoring so that automakers can avoid liability. That technology is now at the heart of the proposed safety legislation lurking in the Senate infrastructure bill.

Those who need further proof that this is all sketchy, as hell doesn’t need to look beyond its approval by the world’s largest car lobby. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation (AAI) has already announced support for driver surveillance cameras that are in perfect agreement with the bill’s proposal.

“The automotive industry has long been committed to supporting public and private efforts to address this tragic threat to road safety,” said John Bozzella, CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. .. “This law promotes the potential for advanced technology to help address the risks of drunk driving.”

Additional requirements from the bill include some sort of backseat surveillance (what many vehicles already have) and a collision detection system (same as above) that warn the operator when an automaker puts a child in the backseat. That is included. The only real change is that it’s not something you can add as an option, it’s the hardware you need for every vehicle. Of course, the industry doesn’t care. That’s because including them doesn’t have to be sold at the dealership, it can be burned into the final asking price.

If the weekend is free It is highly recommended to read the bill.. It’s not just car content that goes to weeds. Overall, it’s loaded with weird inclusions that have nothing to do with infrastructure, but had no other way to sneak into the law. It can be too late by then, as voting on the bill is expected to take place at any time.

[Image: Architect of the Capitol]

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Senate Infrastructure Bill Aims to Make Drinking Detectors and Interior Cameras Mandatory

Source link Senate Infrastructure Bill Aims to Make Drinking Detectors and Interior Cameras Mandatory

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