Senate passes hate crime bill to address increasing attacks on Asians

The Senate voted 94-1 Thursday to approve an anti-Asian hate crime bill aimed at expanding federal efforts to address the recent increase in these crimes.

The bill identifies hate crime cases and identifies judicial ministry dignitaries who provide more guidance to state and local entities to facilitate hate crime reporting. The law will also expand public education campaigns designed to raise awareness and outreach of victims.

Introduced by Hawaiian Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono and New York Congressman Grace Meng, the law has seen an increase in anti-Asian crimes over the past year. The Senate vote took place over a month after the shootings that killed eight people in the Atlanta region, including six Asian women.

President Biden called on Congress to pass the bill in March, and in a meeting with Asia-Pacific American parliamentarians earlier this month, he and Vice President Kamala Harris voted overwhelmingly bipartisan to advance the bill. “I was encouraged,” he said.

The bill included opinions from several Republican senators, including words that removed the linking anti-Asian hate crimes to COVID-19. Maine Senator Hirono and Republican Senator Susan Collins announced on Wednesday that they had reached an agreement on a language to remove the section related to COVID-19, but still clearly referred to the AAPI community. doing. The law incorporates the wording of the Javanese Hayer No Hate Act proposed by Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal and Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran, with the Attorney General as the state and You can help local governments by issuing grants. Report of hate crimes.

Prior to the vote, Senate leader Chuck Schumer said the passage of the bill would send a message to the AAPI community and the country that hatred would not be tolerated.

“This long postponed bill sends two messages. To our Asian-American friends, we will not tolerate prejudice against you,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “And to those who are practicing anti-Izan prejudice, we will track you to the fullest extent of the law.”

The Senate also voted for three Republican amendments to the bill, all of which failed. The bill goes to the House of Representatives for approval.

Senate passes hate crime bill to address increasing attacks on Asians

Source link Senate passes hate crime bill to address increasing attacks on Asians

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