Senate receives impeachment article against Trump

An impeachment article against President Trump was submitted to the Senate House of Representatives Impeachment Manager Presented, exhibited, and read aloud. The trial is set to begin in the week of February 8.

“The House of Representatives manager is here and ready to present an impeachment article, which is favored by the House of Representatives over former US President Donald John Trump,” said the chief impeachment manager. Said a member of the Diet. Jamie Raskin.

As Ruskin was reading the article, it was silenced in the Senate, and the impeachment manager in the House stood still and listened enthusiastically to Ruskin.

When the impeachment manager read the article, there were only three Republicans in the Senate room. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Roger Marshall in Kansas, and Mitt Romney in Utah. There were at least 30 Democrats. Shortly before reading, the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary by a bipartisan vote of 84-16.

The House of Representatives impeached Mr. Trump on January 13 for the following charges: Incite riots.. A week ago, Mr. Trump, as a member of the House of Representatives preparing to count the votes of the Electoral College, told his supporters at a rally to “fight like hell.” A crowd of his angry supporters then raided the US Capitol, hiding lawmakers and delaying the Electoral College for nearly six hours. The mobs broke windows, broke doors to access the Capitol, and five people were killed in a brawl.

The Democratic Party of the House of Representatives has brought an impeachment resolution to vote at an unprecedented rate, reflecting the seriousness of the attack on the Capitol and the limited time left for Mr. Trump’s term.Biden became president on January 20, making him the first president to impeach Trump. After leaving the company..

After the impeachment article was read on Monday, the Senator will be sworn in as a member of the Impeachment Court on Tuesday, January 26. Both the impeachment manager and the president’s defense team then draft their briefs for trial.

Changes from Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, President pro tempore of the Senate, Preside over the trial On behalf of Judge John Roberts.

“The pro tempore of the president has historically presided over the impeachment trial of the non-president’s Senate,” Rihi confirmed in a statement on Monday. “When presiding over the impeachment trial, the pro tempore takes an additional special oath to do fair justice in accordance with the Constitution and the law. That is the oath I take very seriously.”

Roberts presided over Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, as specified in the Constitution. However, the Constitution is silent on the question of who will preside over the Senate trial of the former president, who has never faced an impeachment trial.

Jack Turman contributed to this report.

Senate receives impeachment article against Trump

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