Senate Republican Filibuster Blocks Democratic Signature Voting Bill

Washington — The Democratic Party’s drastic attempt to rewrite US elections and voting legislation stagnated in the Senate on Tuesday was thwarted by Republican opposition to what would have been the biggest review of the electoral system of its generation.

Known as the For the People Act, the bill touches on almost every aspect of how elections are conducted, curbing and limiting the impact of money on politics, while breaking down the hurdles to voting, which it considers to be a civil rights struggle of the times. .. The influence of the faction on the drawing of the parliamentary district.

But many Republicans say the bill represents a breathtaking federal infringement of the state’s right to conduct their elections without fraud and ultimately benefits the Democrats. It states that it is intended.

After the Republican Party accused the bill as a “screw of people’s law,” it failed in a 50-50 vote, and the Democrats denied the 60 votes needed to start the debate. Due to the failure of the bill, Vice President Kamala Harris, the first black woman to hold her office, presided over the Chamber of Commerce.

Rejection causes Democrats to consider what comes next for their top-priority legislation in the narrowly divided Senate. They are promoting the bill as a strong counterweight to a number of proposals underway in the Republican-controlled state legislature building, making voting more difficult.

“This is a battle for the American soul,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer. “We will continue to fight until we succeed.”

Before voting, Biden tweeted. “Democrats are committed to passing this groundbreaking law to unite, protect voting rights, ensure election integrity, and restore and strengthen democracy.”

No matter what the Democrats decide, they may face the same challenges as when the minority Republicans blocked the bill from being considered on Tuesday using filibuster, the same tool that the Democrats adopted during President Donald Trump’s time. There is sex.

Republicans showed no signs of surrender.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell called the bill a “problem-seeking solution” and vowed to “end it.”

Democrats are under pressure to change Senate rules and monitor lower priorities. However, a group of medium-sized Democratic senators, including Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Cinema, rejected and ruled out the votes needed to make the filibuster change.

Biden has vowed what the White House calls a “presidential battle” over ensuring access to American votes. But without changes to the Senate rules, the main plans for his agenda, including the voting bill, appear to be stalled.

Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democratic Party of Georgia and senior pastor of the Atlanta Church, Martin Luther King, once called the minority Republican willingness to block discussions on the voting bill as a “waiver of duty.”

In a floor speech on Tuesday, Mr. Warnock said, “What is more hypocritical and ironic than exercising minority rights in the Senate as an excuse to prevent discussions about how to maintain minority rights in society? Let’s do it. “

The changes enacted in many Republican states have been criticized by voting advocates who argue that restrictions will make voting more difficult for people, especially the minority population who tend to support the Democratic Party. Republicans backed by Trump talk about fighting potential fraudulent votes instead, saying Democrats’ concerns are terribly exaggerated.

More changes could be made to the bill as the Senate debate gets confused.

Democrats want to protect themselves from threats in post-election polls in 2020. They are proposing to strengthen penalties for those who threaten or threaten electoral workers and create a “buffer zone” between electoral workers and pollsters.

They also want to limit the state authorities’ ability to dismiss local election authorities. Georgian Republicans will have greater influence over the GOP-controlled legislature earlier this year, empowering the GOP-controlled legislature to regulate elections and dismiss local election authorities that appear to be performing poorly. Was passed.

However, the Democratic Party has its own sector. Until Tuesday, it wasn’t even clear whether they would unite in a vote to bring the bill out for debate. West Virginia moderate Manchin announced earlier this month that he couldn’t support the bill without Republican support.

Manchin changed his vote to “yes” after the Democrats agreed to consider his revised version. His proposal was approved by former President Barack Obama and was called “advancement” by the Biden administration.

Manchin has added provisions for referendum ID requirements, which many Democrats dislike, and has proposed withdrawing the proposed public funding of the campaign.

However, these changes had little effect on gaining the bipartisan support Manchin wanted. The Senate Republican Party said it was likely to reject legislation that would expand the role of the federal government in elections. McConnell dismissed the Manchin version as “similarly unacceptable.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski, a moderate Alaskan Republican, deserves praise for some aspects of the democratic bill and other votes, including the revival of the Voting Rights Act, which was withdrawn by the Supreme Court in 2013. He said he would support the Voting Rights Act.

But in the end, she said, the “huge” bill equates to “a universal obligation coming out of Washington, DC” and “often doesn’t work.”

“It will make elections more difficult, costly, and subject to federal micromanagement,” Murkowski said.

The confrontation over People’s Law on Tuesday, as it is called, is not the end of the road for months. The struggle is in new urgency as Trump continues to challenge the outcome of the 2020 elections and new restrictions are being imposed in Republican-led states.

State officials certifying the outcome of the 2020 elections rejected Trump Allegations of fraudulent voting, And judges across the country have Filed multiple proceedings Submitted by Trump and his allies.Trump’s own Attorney General No evidence of widespread fraud It will change the result.

Senate Republican Filibuster Blocks Democratic Signature Voting Bill

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