Senator behind Capitol Riot Report on January 6 Shares Reactions and Concerns in a Bipartisan Exclusive Interview

Is Senate publishes report Identifying widespread security and intelligence failures on Tuesday morning Fatal Raid on the Houses of Parliament on January 6th. The analysis contains several recommendations for dealing with failures and protecting the Capitol from future attacks.

In a rare bipartisan joint interview, Democrats and Republicans, who lead the investigation, sat down with Chris Van Cleeve on CBS News, and a mob wondered what went wrong. Raid the US Capitol.

When asked about what surprised him most about the investigation, Democratic Senator Gary Peters replied that it was an “intelligence failure.”

Republican Senator Roy Blunt replied, “How long did the Pentagon take to respond?”

His Republican Senator Rob Portman said what shocked him was the complete lack of some preparation for the Capitol Hill police.

“Unfortunately, it was the frontline policemen who were left to protect us, our staff, and our democracy,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The Senate report is the result of two hearings, thousands of documents, and numerous interviews over the past five months. What happened that day will never be repeated, as their proposal could lead to new funding to strengthen the security of the Capitol.

It was also discovered that federal law enforcement agencies and parliamentary police had missed the warning sign.

“Part of the reason this was overlooked was that people were saying,’Well, this can’t happen, and a group of these people can’t do it.’ What happened on the Internet We know that can be translated into physical behavior on the grounds of the Capitol and in towns throughout the country, “said Peters.” We have to treat domestic terrorism with deserving seriousness. I can’t. “

According to Portman, the officers there that day were in an “impossible position.”

“They weren’t well trained, they weren’t well equipped, they didn’t have the right barriers. They didn’t have enough communication. They had the intelligence to know that it was coming. It wasn’t, but it’s still an effort to protect the Capitol, which bravely supported it, protect the Vice President, protect all members of Parliament, and protect democracy. “

According to a new report, about 75% of police officers working on January 6 did not wear protective equipment such as helmets and shields. One unit was in a locked bus and could not access the equipment.

Some riot shields were improperly stored and shattered during use.

“The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army said,’Why didn’t you get together right away? And he said,’The National Guard is great, but you can’t choose this moment to make it look like a pickup game.'” They could all just be combined without an emergency response plan, “crobcher said.” He said this was a Super Bowl attack and instead of how this works. Said that he needed a plan. “

The Minnesota Democrats admitted that it probably wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement of President Trump.

“His false allegations about this election led to this riot,” she said.

Portman, who will retire in 2022, said finding the motivation behind the attack was not the purpose of the Senate report.

“Once it happened, what did we do here in the Capitol, how could this happen, and how can we prevent this from happening again?” That was it, “he said.

Brant said the Justice Department is currently pursuing Over 450 prosecutions Related to riots.

“I think you’ll find a lot of information that can only be found in one direction. It’s about pursuing this through the legal system, and it will take you to new places as needed,” he said.

Crobcher said he needed to do more.

“Our country needs this 9/11 style committee to find out all this truth,” she said. “While the prosecution is in progress, you are the cause. We may be considering everything, but our current mission was to continue to protect this Capitol. “

The Senate Rules Committee and the Land Security and Government Affairs Committee have appointed a new parliamentary police chief, strengthened training, strengthened communication between law enforcement agencies, improved coordination at all levels of government, and violence against society. Jointly made 20 recommendations, including an assessment of the threat of. media.

Senators believe that most changes can be adopted soon, which means a rare moment of agreement in a split parliament.

“We believe our duty is not just to say how confusing this is, but we disagree,” Klobuchar said.

Portman said he would like to send a message that “we can solve it together.”

Senators Brant and Crobcher will issue a bill that simplifies the rules on how quickly National Guard can be deployed in the event of an attack such as January 6.

In response to the report, US Capitol police welcomed the analysis and said, “I agree that information analysis and dissemination need specific improvements.”

“I hadn’t received any viable information about a large-scale attack before six days,” he said.

Senator behind Capitol Riot Report on January 6 Shares Reactions and Concerns in a Bipartisan Exclusive Interview

Source link Senator behind Capitol Riot Report on January 6 Shares Reactions and Concerns in a Bipartisan Exclusive Interview

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