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Washington — After a considerable delay, Senator unveiled a bipartisan infrastructure package of about $ 1 trillion on Sunday night, ending the painstaking days of a few inches thick bill, President Joe Biden’s There is no doubt that it will be a long discussion about top priorities.

The Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act is recorded on approximately 2,700 pages, and Senators may soon begin to amend it. Despite rushing to wait for a rare weekend session, the final product wasn’t intended to deviate from the rough outline that Senators had been negotiating with the White House for weeks.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. Said that the final vote could take place “in the next few days.”

The bipartisan bill, an important part of Biden’s agenda, is the first step in the president’s infrastructure planning. It demands $ 550 billion in new spending over five years beyond the projected federal level. This can be one of the largest spending in years on national roads, bridges, water services, broadband, and power grids.

Senators and staff worked behind the scenes for days to write large-scale bills. It should have been ready on Friday, but by Sunday there were more glitches and changes. To produce the work, Schumer kept the senator in a session over the weekend and encouraged the author to finish the work.

Senators involved in the bipartisan efforts stood up one by one on the Senate floor late Sunday night to commemorate the moment.

“We know this was a long and sometimes difficult process, but we’re proud to announce this bill tonight,” said Senator Kyrsten Cinema of the Democratic Party of Arizona. ..

Republican negotiator Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said the final product was “great for the American people.”

During the long weekend of start and stop, Schumer stayed in Washington as long as it took to complete the vote on both the bipartisan infrastructure plan and the budget blueprint that would allow the Senate to get started. He repeatedly warned that he was ready to go. Later this year, a huge $ 3.5 trillion social, health and environmental bill was submitted.

“The longer it takes to complete, the longer we’ll be here, but we’ll get the job done,” he said.

Republican Senator John Cornyn predicted:

Major new investments in bipartisan packages include $ 110 billion in roads and bridges, $ 39 billion in public transport, and $ 66 billion in railroads. We also have $ 55 billion in water and sewage infrastructure and billions of dollars in airports, ports, broadband internet and electric vehicle charging stations.

Spending is widely popular among lawmakers and brings long delays in capital for high-value goods that the quoting state or state rarely pays alone.

Paying the package was a challenge after the senator rejected the idea of ​​making money from the new petrol tax or other streams. Instead, rally in the red with hawks, such as diverting about $ 205 billion in undeveloped COVID-19 relief aid and unemployment aid that is returned by some states and depends on projected future economic growth. We are raising funds from sources that may not pass. ..

Bipartisan support from Republican and Democratic senators pushed the process forward, and Schumer wanted the senator to close the vote before leaving for the August break.

Last week, 17 Republican senators voted to join all Democrats to begin work on a bipartisan bill. Its support is largely retained, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans need 60 votes to overcome filibuster, another to fine-tune the process in the 50-50 Senate I voted in favor of the procedure vote.

Whether the number of Republican senators who are willing to pass the bill will increase or decrease in the coming days will determine whether the president’s signature issue can cross the finish line.

Schumer said he hopes Schumer will give all senators the opportunity to draft a bipartisan bill and allow amendments from members of both parties.

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