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Seneca forms new youth task force to tackle diversity, and bring equal opportunities – Valley Stream, New York

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Seneca, South Carolina (SC) – A new youth council has been established by the Seneca Diversity, Equity and Comprehensive Task Force to address the difficult issues surrounding race and discrimination.

Some members of the Task Force have stated that there are cultural differences in the community for many years. Now, task group members want change and unity to happen quickly by bringing young people to the table.

Seneca has faced several major storms in the past. In 2020 alone, a deadly tornado struck the city, causing a pandemic.

“2020 was a traumatic year for all to some extent. It was a very difficult time for all of us. Our youth, especially the youth of this community, experienced many changes at once. Ivy Elavy, a Task Force member of the Seneca Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, said: “Our youth are struggling with adults in this community, so our young people are their own. I think I was really having a hard time finding a foothold, “she said.

But there is one cloudy obstacle that young people and leaders now want to change.

“The reason I wanted to join is because this is the community I grew up in. Here I grew up. I’m aware of many of the issues I saw when I was a teenager over 20 years ago. Still here. It was there and still existed, and as the times changed, it turned out to be a great opportunity to be part of the change, “said Elaby.

“One of the big problems with the George Floyd case has brought so much awareness to the community that we need a bridge to bridge the gap between relationships,” said Task Force member and youth minister Rod Smith. It was. At Foot Hills Church.

Grades 9-12 are now ready to take action to heal past and present wounds.

“We’ve talked a lot about the city, and we’re talking about how it’s included in every aspect of what the city offers, such as access to events, festivals, and recreational parks. So when we decide to offer something to the community, we hear a lot. Do we take our youth into account? ” One Scott Moulder said. “Do they feel included? Do they feel as accessible as adults? And we also look at our parks and playgrounds due to cultural differences. All those components Do you maintain from the same point of view? “He said.

Children and teens are working on plans to provide equal opportunities for their peers. Students discuss topics and then provide recommendations to the main task force group of adults. The larger Task Force group then presents it to the city leaders. City leaders can approve and implement changes.

“Many of the activities we plan for young people in the community are highly calculated in a way that not only upsets ideas, but also shows and teaches youth, unity, community sensations, sensations. Citizenship. What is the legacy of their hometown? “Elavy said.

“To really inspire people in the community so that our youth aren’t lost. They’re not just wondering. They want direction. They want leadership. I have, “Smith said.

This group wants children and teens to become strong leaders and feel involved. The city also hopes to create more space where equal opportunity is allowed. The goal is to enable all children to live and enjoy the community without discriminating against economic class, physical fitness, or color.

“I want everyone living here, regardless of where they come from, their income, or their income. I want them to feel welcome and everything offered here in the city. I would like to see them access and participate in the same way, “says Moulder.

“And I think it’s important to start with young people. Yesterday is gone and today is here. The only thing we can change is tomorrow, and the best way to do that is It’s about changing the way we think of young people, because they’re the future, “Moulder said.

The group meets at least once a month via Zoom. The organizers said they needed more teens at the table to bring in fresh ideas.

“We are looking for men and women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, and now we are looking for Asians. It is to make sure that all backgrounds and all cultural aspects are really included. “Elavy said.

Students will attend their first June 16th event on June 19th. The June event is a time to celebrate the culture and learn about different backgrounds. The Youth Task Force is also planning a Youth Day celebration later this fall.

For information on how to participate, please contact Seneca City Hall (864) 885-2700.

Seneca forms new youth task force to tackle diversity, and bring equal opportunities Source link Seneca forms new youth task force to tackle diversity, and bring equal opportunities

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