Separate worlds of Bill & Melinda Gates

“It was a constant tension in the foundation. It was Warren who limited it, but Bill’s appetite always said,” We have to do this, we have to do this. Hmm. ” The team ends up with this huge to-do list, “said a former executive.

Buffett admitted in an interview with the Times last year that he opposed institutional bloat. “It’s one of the advices I’ve never been silent about, as it’s a natural trend for all organizations,” he said.

Foundation employees often have to wear multiple hats to meet demand. For example, one staff member, Anita Zaidi, not only plays a highly technical role as director of vaccine development and surveillance, but also serves as president of gender equality.

Gates is famous 2015 TED talk Warning about the global threat posed by the infectious respiratory virus. The Foundation was full of top-notch talent working on the development of new vaccines. However, before the outbreak of Covid-19, one in about 1,600 staff was not dedicated to the pandemic.

All workarounds by contractors and consultants were so limited in bandwidth that a dedicated team did not address this issue. Instead, the Foundation cast its weight behind the Anti-Fashion Innovation Coalition. This helped develop a vaccine to combat the outbreak.

When a pandemic occurred, the Foundation leveraged its resources and expertise. So far, it has spent $ 1.75 billion in the fight against the pandemic and has played an important role in shaping the global response.

Even without divorce, the Foundation was in the midst of change. Buffett, the third trustee, will be 91 years old this summer. Bill Gates Sr., Gates’ father, co-chair and leader of the Foundation, died this September. Some observers wondered if the couple’s three children could join immediately. The two elders are already in college and medical school. Others have raised the possibility that this is the moment to loosen the grip of the family and install a board drawn from an expert on the outside of the inner circle.

Separate worlds of Bill & Melinda Gates

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