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Boston-Vorn Alex never forgets the faces of two of the 9.11 hijackers. He looked into their eyes that morning and asked who packed the cargo.

Alex was an American Airlines ticket agent at Dulles International Airport on September 11, 2001. Two men bumped into the terminal, seemed lost and approached the counter.

Brothers Salem and Nawaf Al-Hazumi arrived late that day, but Alex certainly operated 77 flights as two full-fare first-class passengers stood in front of him instead of rebooking. bottom.

Allex has embraced that decision for the last two decades.

“Check-in was strange. Two brothers I checked in, two brothers, one was kind of moody and the other was standing a few steps behind him. This is strange. Hear, this is what caught my attention. In a recent interview at Dulles Airport, Virginia, he was mostly dancing, moving from foot to foot, grinning around. ..

“And while we were doing the whole check, I was watching him for a few minutes, and as long as we asked him to read and see it verbally, he was completely unresponsive. It was. It’s going on, “he continued. “That’s the image I have. Two people are standing there and one is just dancing. That was strange.”

When the pair failed to answer the basic security check-in questions, Allex marked the ticket for additional security.

Twenty-four hours before Alex checked in his brother, his longtime colleague and best friend MJ Booth sought advice on his trip to Las Vegas. She considered flying to Chicago or Dallas to connect to Las Vegas, but Allex recommended taking Flight 77 instead and connecting via Los Angeles.

“First of all, I said it was a better flight. It’s a transcontinental flight. You get food and movies, and it’s relaxing,” Allex recalls. “She said it looked good, but she never wrote a ticket that way and we were just moving to electronic tickets. Can you help her? So I went to Las Vegas I wrote her ticket from Dulles to Los Angeles on a connecting flight, and the next day I saw her board the plane with the ticket I wrote. “

Alex left Dulles on September 11th and was saddened, but didn’t know it would get worse.

“On September 11th, that night and the morning of September 12th, I didn’t know that, like everyone else, I lost friends, passengers, and crew. I knew all the crew inside. The deck and I knew all the cabin crew, I worked with them for years. The morning the FBI was talking to me (9) What I didn’t know until around (12th of September) was that I was the last two passengers. It was actually two hijackers who checked in. Until that moment, I had it. I didn’t know I was involved, “says Allex.

On September 12, Alex was summoned to his boss’s office. So a woman introduced herself as an American Airlines lawyer, adding that “I’m not your lawyer.”

Alex remembers the cold that passed through his body. At that time, he says two FBI agents came in, giving him a passenger manifesto.

“When I started looking up the list, I saw the names of the two people who checked in. At that moment, I saw him and said,” I did it, I didn’t. ” I? ‘And they said, “What did you do?” And I go, “These were the two I put in,” Allex said. “I think they knew exactly who they were looking for, but they wanted me to reach that conclusion, and if we did, the interviews would be exactly these Focused on two individuals, and the rest is history, the whole deal is back, I didn’t know everything about September 11th until that moment on September 12th. I was unaware that I checked in the hijacker. “

Guilt tortured Alex over the years to come. Twenty years later, there are still some things he doesn’t want to discuss.

“I’m my fault, you know, if I did something different, if I didn’t forgive them, if I just told the agent, these two are late Let them make their next flight. One at noon. It’s not a big deal. “

Over the years, friends and experts have told Allex that he is just doing his job.

“That’s what they say to me, that’s what they say to me, but what you do, what your-your own mind does, is sometimes crazy,” Alex said.

His heart has been playing games with him for years. It was in 2004 that I bought a book and everything turned around.

“The turning point for me was that I was interviewed by the 9/11 Commission, and it wasn’t until the 9/11 Commission reported that I bought the book. This is the number. This book has hundreds, hundreds, hundreds of pages. And I’m on page 3. I have a small paragraph and footnote, footnote number 12. “

Alex explained that a single footnote (his name next to many others) was ultimately freed from guilt and responsibility years after the attack.

“It’s when it’s starting to get better. That’s when I went-oh hey. There were a lot of other people involved and there were a lot of innocent people who just touched it, and I’m very There were five small and small people-only a few of them, but before that-it was terrible. “

Allex retired from American Airlines in 2008. He is currently working at TSA.

“I joined the Department of Homeland Security working at the Transportation Security Administration, and it was great because I was with them. I feel that the work they do is very important to keep everyone safe. And the fact that I have, in just a small part there, I’m like the happiest person in the TSA, and I’ll tell it to everyone, “Allex said with a smile.

On August 23, Allex walked through the door with ABC News and saw two hijackers run through the fateful morning. Recalling the memory of the person responsible for starting the war in Afghanistan when he stood there, Afghan refugees had just arrived from an evacuation flight. They passed the American Airlines ticket counter and through the door that the hijacker walked 20 years ago. Thank you for starting a new life in America.

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September 11: American Airlines ticket agent who helped 9/11 hijackers make Flight 77 finds forgiveness Source link September 11: American Airlines ticket agent who helped 9/11 hijackers make Flight 77 finds forgiveness

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