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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Provide ABQ After the COVID-19 pandemic forced young people to take a break, we are working to regain the youth network. Now they are ready to return to the community and serve the city.

Gwendolyn Houston-Hutton and Blendingley started their organization four years ago in the hope of building a community of young, city-caring professionals. “We aim to get more young people involved in the community, build service-centric and make Albuquerque a particularly livable place,” said Houston-Hutton.

Houston-Hutton said he is focusing on rebuilding the foundation of volunteers and plans to do so by holding a cleaning event, such as that held on Saturday morning. .. She said the goal was to be able to host more service events as a whole. Bossk is easily accessible to most people, so for the time being we are working on cleaning up Bossk. “Bosque is being used by so many different groups, and it’s been a lot more trash since COVID started, so we have a lot more to do,” Houston-Hutton said. rice field.

This group was formed in response to the negative attitudes that locals may have towards the city. “I think Albuquerque suffers from indifference from the community. There are so many divisions in the world that this is a good way to get together as a community and really build the space we want to live and create. Our community is stronger overall, “said Houston-Hutton.

In the old town, the New Mexico artisan market is back in earnest, and no one is as excited as the artists themselves. Geraldine Tso is an artist participating in the on and off markets. “Through the pandemic, many of us were worried about where our art would go,” Tso said. “This is a good way to show the public a new space, a new outlet, a new shape that goes in different directions with food stores and art here,” Tso said.

She said the event helped many artists grow their careers and spread their names. “It’s good to come here and support the artists. We’re all from New Mexico and have a lot of talent,” says Tso.

Valeria DeCoy, the first artisan market vendor, said he enjoyed connecting with the community and seeing his fresh talent. “We are right next to the old town and the traffic is good. Everyone is really excited to see the art coming here. They always feel good. There is good food everywhere. Everyone is fascinated by the place, “said Decoy.

The market is usually held in the bazaar directly opposite the sawmill, but due to cooling issues, vendors are in the sawmill building until August. Held every weekend from October.

Serve ABQ wants to clean up Albuquerque, New Mexico Artisan Market reopens Source link Serve ABQ wants to clean up Albuquerque, New Mexico Artisan Market reopens

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