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In Tuesday’s primary, a challenger beyond ideology either expelled or appeared to be defeated by a small number of incumbents in the Virginia House of Representatives, including Republicans and a few Democrats.

The nomination battle turns the page of what is expected to be fiercely contested over control of the House of Representatives in the fall.

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Republicans will try to take control of the Democrats. In the last two years, the Democrats have passed an innovative bill that has made Virginia exceptional in the South. They have expanded their voting rights and restricted abortion. Relaxed, legalized marijuana, passed clean energy obligations, abolished the death penalty, and raised the minimum wage.

In an interview, Speaker of the House Eileen Fillercorn said this was a powerful night for the Democratic caucuses who faced challengers to the 14 incumbents.

“It’s our focus now to remind Virginians exactly what we’ve achieved and why it’s important to maintain a majority,” she said.

House Republican leader Todd Gilbert said the Democratic Party “will be plagued by a large number of newcomers who believe Virginia has not taken sufficient steps to punish law enforcement agencies and pamper criminals.” ..

“The Democratic Party has nominated candidates for candidates who want to continue the failed policies that have lowered Virginia’s national status over the past two years. The House Republican Assembly worked with state-wide tickets and House candidates. I look forward to defeating the Democratic Party up and down in the November vote this year, “he said in a statement.

Among the incumbent Democrats who lost their seats in the House of Representatives was Alexandria’s Mark Levine, who lost to challenger Elizabeth Bennett Parker in the 45th Ward race. Levine invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the vice-governor’s campaign, but he lost it. Bennett-Parker is an established figure in Alexandria’s politics. She is currently the Deputy Mayor.

In District 79, which covers part of Hampton Roads, Middle-way Democrat Steve Heretick lost his first left-side challenge to 26-year-old community activist Nadarius Clark.

Clark said in an interview with the Associated Press last month that he wanted to give Richmond a more progressive voice. During the campaign, he criticized Heletic’s vote against a bill allowing the region to remove the Confederate monument, end limited immunity, and ban offensive weapons.

In northern Virginia, two of the left-wing members of the caucuses appeared to have made concessions in a tight race that AP had not yet convened late Tuesday.

In the 86th district, Del Ibrahim Samira, which received national attention in 2019 Flashy protest Former President Donald Trump was chasing challenger Irene Singh when he visited Jamestown.

“I didn’t get the election results I wanted. I’m still very proud of the campaign we did,” he tweeted.

In the 50th House of Representatives in the Manassas district, Democratic incumbent Del Lee Carter was behind in a three-way race for challenger Michelle E. Lopez-Maldonnad. Carter did not run for the Governor’s primary. The second term incumbent was a socialist and had never been closely associated with the party’s preconceived notions.

He tweeted that his work made him miserable, “I was relieved to say that I played my part. It’s someone else’s turn.”

On the Republican side, lawyer Ren Williams, who worked on the failed recount of Wisconsin by former President Donald Trump, has expelled long-time incumbent Congressman Charles Poindexter.

Poindexter has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2008, representing the conservative Ninth House of Representatives, which covers parts of Franklin, Patrick, and Henry counties in the southern Roanoke Colony.

Williams will face Democrat Bridget Craighead in November.

“People here were looking for someone to speak and fight for them just by ordering change,” Williams told the Roanoke Times. “They are more passionate. I was looking for someone who was energetic. “

During the race, Williams characterized Poindexter as a career politician and criticized him for not speaking out about alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“I saw first-hand what would happen if the elections weren’t consistent,” he said in a campaign ad.

North Virginia bureau chief Julie Carrie talks to voters about the primary decision.

A recount in two of the largest Democratic counties in Wisconsin’s major fierce battle states cost Trump $ 3 million and confirmed Democratic Joe Biden’s victory.

Poindexter, who is currently retired from his career in information systems technology, is a conservative Republican and frankly opposed to Democratic environmental policy and legislation empowering local governments to remove the Confederate monument. Yes.

In a statement, Gilbert congratulated Williams on his victory, thanked Poindexter for his contributions, and called him a “stubborn conservative.”

Only three Republicans faced major challengers on Tuesday, with two other incumbents, Del. Kathy Byron and Del. Ronnie Campbell, winning easily.

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