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Portland, Oregon 2021-08-25 12:53:04 –

KOIN, Oregon — Some schools in the state have officially postponed the start of the school year due to an ongoing pandemic.

Alcy School District, Calver School District, and South Ampqua High School have all postponed their return dates after an increase in COVID-19 cases. This surge was primarily caused by delta variants, resulting in the exposure and infection of many teachers and school staff.

Down at Alcy, Director Mark Tillman wrote to his parents I will explain the situation on Saturday.

In the letter, Tyrman immediately expressed his excitement in welcoming the students. However, he said the start of school would be postponed because the elementary school teacher’s test was positive.

“Because our excellent staff were training, the number of potential exposures of our staff is large enough to delay the start of the school year. Enough certification and sufficient to cover exposed staff. There are just no classified alternatives, “he said.

The Alcy School District was scheduled to start school on Monday, August 23rd. The school is currently open on Monday, August 30th.

In Culver, the school will start on September 20th. This will delay the school year by nine days so that faculty and staff can fully plan and prepare for the challenges posed by the recently announced vaccine obligations for educators.

so Letter to parents, Principal and director Stafanie Gerber, said the district’s goal is to retain all employees.

“Based on last year’s standards, we expect other state obligations to occur in the next four weeks.
“Pattern,” Gerber said. “This includes the possibility of compulsory distance learning (
The state told the district this week that we should be ready for it).I want the ability to prepare
No matter what happens, we will continue to provide the best possible education and services. “

Gerber said their goal was to minimize family disruption as much as possible.

Meanwhile, South Ampqua High School has also postponed the start date.

so Facebook post on TuesdayKate McLaughlin, director of the South Ampqua School District, told her parents that the school does not have enough staff to start the school year on time. She said several high school staff were currently quarantined or quarantined, and one staff sadly died of COVID-19.

According to McLaughlin, the one-week delay gives the school community time to mourn, while at the same time providing time for people infected with the coronavirus to heal and return from quarantine.

Several Oregon schools push back start dates due to COVID-19 surges Source link Several Oregon schools push back start dates due to COVID-19 surges

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