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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) – When the holiday season begins, the holiday parade begins.later Fatal parade case In Wisconsin, we’ve heard from law enforcement agencies in central Tennessee about how these events work to keep them safe.

News 2 spoke with police chiefs in Portland and Lavagne. Both said that these parades were a complete approach, with additional police officers attending the event to ensure public safety. These cops are there to monitor the crowd and handle traffic when closing busy roads for floats and marching bands.

The La Vergne Light Parade will take place on December 11th. ChiefChipDavis said one of the biggest challenges is keeping traffic as normal as possible.

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“Given the detours we have to take, we want to consider other people who aren’t in the parade, or, as you know, people who may not be familiar with the area,” Davis said. Said. “Therefore we are trying to take steps to set up tools for them in a place where they can safely move without interrupting what is happening on the parade route.”

The City of Portland welcomes thousands of people to its annual Strawberry Festival and Parade, and the Portland Christmas Festival and Parade will take place on December 4th.

Jason Williams, chief of the Portland Police Department, said he was also working to ensure that the area around the parade was blocked by police and properly staffed.

“We’re trying to put someone at that intersection who can not only block the road, but also help someone find another route. Often I think that’s the cause of frustration, so I don’t know where to go because someone was pulled by an obstacle and didn’t come from it, “Williams said. “We are trying to place people so that there is someone who can pass a lot of out-of-town traffic, especially at the main intersections of your main location.”

Smith County Rescue Squad shared on social media that members were yelled at and cursed by frustrated drivers while traveling in previous parades. Members had to put their hands on the hood of the car to keep it out of the parade route.

“Whenever there is a festival or parade, we always try to publish it well in advance so that people can get to know it, but obviously it doesn’t necessarily reach everyone. I don’t have it, so I can understand the frustration part, “said Davis. “One of the things we’re trying to do is not only block the road, but also try to put someone at the intersection that can help someone find another route.”

They want to reassure residents that their agency has many plans to keep these events safe.

“Especially, we’re from an era when we’re just starting out, because we can’t hold an event like this just because we’re isolated from each other. I think it’s probably more important than ever.” Said Chief Williams. “I think we needed to be very cautious about paying attention to our surroundings and making the necessary preparations to keep people safe.”

Several parades are planned for the first weekend of December, including Franklin, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Colombia and Hendersonville.

Several precautions in place for holiday parades across Middle Tennessee Source link Several precautions in place for holiday parades across Middle Tennessee

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