Severe Storms with Damaging Winds, Tornadoes in Metro Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-07-27 23:49:40 –

Atlanta — The story was last updated on Thursday at 8am.

Tornadoes broke out in parts of Mississippi and Alabama, causing severe stormy weather in the southeast.

In Georgia, such stormy weather is no longer expected. The cold air wedge helped to stabilize our atmosphere. This limits how intense our storm can be. Nonetheless, we anticipate some heavy thunderstorms, mainly in the southern part of the city.

In Georgia, our serious risk is valid from early morning to late night. There is a tornado clock in some parts of the area until 9am Storms pass through the area early Thursday morning, which can lead to damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, and heavy rains.

These storms pass Overnight When you may be sleeping. There are ways to get important weather information and warnings!

11 Alive’s Storm Trackers We are closely tracking this evolving weather situation.Is here Timeline When to expect harsh weather.

When will bad weather come here?

Thunderstorms in our area can cause gusts and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out. Storms also bring lightning and very heavy rain, which can lead to flooding of the streets.

The cold air wedge helped stabilize our atmosphere. The wedge is slowly breaking, but not fast enough to support a serious threat that is as widespread as possible. Our atmosphere can support intense storms from several strong storms.

This is the latest outlook from the Storm Forecast Center. They have our eastern county under “small” risk or level 2 of the five. There is a risk of limit level 1 of the 5 East Atlanta Metros.

8 am to 12 pm -A line of storms tracks east of Atlanta and some bad weather can occur. Strong gusts of wind can occur. An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

After 1 pm -Some showers can occur, but the serious and storm threats are over. Winds can get stronger and gusts of 30 mph or more can occur.

How much rain will it rain?

Most of the area can rain 1-2 inches, while the area west of I-20 near Carrollton can rain as much as 4 inches.

Significant changes from the last 10 days or more.

Many of these storms occur at midnight. There is a way to get alerts while you sleep!

Set the 11Alive app for bad weather notifications so you can be alerted overnight.

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Severe Storms with Damaging Winds, Tornadoes in Metro Atlanta Source link Severe Storms with Damaging Winds, Tornadoes in Metro Atlanta

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