Sex club parties closed as sheriffs aim for illegal rallies

By midnight Saturday, about 80 guests had gathered at the Queens sex club for drinks and parties. Almost at the same time, another group of about 120 delights has just begun to gather and dance in an illegal club in Manhattan.

City sheriffs disbanded the parties early on Sunday — the latest crackdown on authorities trying to curb actions that could fuel a second wave of coronavirus. According to officials, seven people and one company have been charged with various charges related to the parties, including failure to protect their health and safety in violation of the city’s health laws.

According to the sheriff’s office, the two meeting locations do not have a liquor license or other certification, and images of the event show that many participants failed to wear masks and practice social distance. understood.

Bust emphasized the ongoing challenge of persuading New Yorkers to follow safety guidelines, especially when winter months are approaching and the party moves indoors, even when a second wave of virus strikes. .. Over the past four weeks, the sheriff’s office has held several large parties and events, from a gathering of nearly 170 people in an illegal club in Brooklyn to a Halloween celebration in the Bronx with more than 550 participants. It was closed. Sheriff Joseph Fushito said earlier in the month that his office had responded to about one big event each night since August.

Earlier this month, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that private indoor and outdoor gatherings throughout the state would be limited to 10 people. However, as the weather gets colder and people celebrate their holidays, it can be even more difficult to enforce these rules.

The recent surge in political parties occurs as the positive rate rises.On Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city-wide average positive rate for seven days was 3.09%According to Kuomo, the state-wide rate was 2.74 percent.

The mayor ordered the closure of all public schools last week after the city’s positive rate reached 3%.Mr. Cuomo also warned Larger limit For indoor meals, as the indicators continue to deteriorate, large gatherings and places of worship can quickly follow. On Sunday, the governor called the autonomous region a “serious problem”, saying that some areas of Staten Island were at a pace to enter the state’s toughest blockade soon this week.

Sheriff Fushito said the sex club party in Queens was disbanded after receiving complaints that clubs in the Ditmars Steinway area were playing loud music at midnight.

According to Mr. Fushito, an agent arrived at around 12:05 am on Sunday, and more than 80 people were gathered in the building at 40-19, 20th Avenue. Many did not wear masks and had no social distance. Authorities also found three couples having sex when they entered one small room, he said.

The party was hosted by Caligula New York, a Swingers club that posted similar late-night event announcements on social media over the past few months. According to the sheriff’s office, the organization and its manager, Roy Bacoy, Woodside, Queens, faced fines and charges, and one patron was also charged with chaotic behavior.

On Sunday, Mr. Bacoy was not immediately asked for comment.

Approximately 30 minutes ago Saturday at about 11:30 pm, authorities were at 260 W. 36th St in Midtown Manhattan. We have started monitoring the buildings in. According to the sheriff’s office, about 75 people were seen entering through the service entrance as guards led attendees indoors and tried to keep the crowd small so as not to draw attention.

About two and a half hours later, lawmakers went up to the third floor of the building and found more than 120 guests buying and selling alcohol, smoking hookahs, and dancing, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to the sheriff’s office, five people, an organizer, a bartender, a DJ, and two guards, are facing fines and charges, including unauthorized storage of alcohol in a warehouse.

Party organizer Chatiris Ioannis of Manhattan was unable to contact immediately for comment on Sunday.

Some of the recent large-scale rallies in the city have spurred the outbreak of the virus. In late October, health officials in Long Island were in a hurry to curb the outbreak in Suffolk County when dozens of people tested positive after attending the Sweet 16 party in September.

Sex club parties closed as sheriffs aim for illegal rallies

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