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Riverside, California 2022-06-28 17:03:23 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Dr. Adele Shaker, a former chief coroner in Nueces County, came to court via Zoom on Tuesday and asked to correct his bond.

Defendant lawyer Terry Shamsey demanded that Shaker go out of state to visit his family and “advise on other matters” so that he can practice his religion.

Shamcy argues that Shaker has not been charged yet and should be allowed. Shamsie also requires Shaker to be allowed to seek employment outside Texas.

As previously reported by KRIS 6 News, Shaker was arrested in April. He was charged with 17 violations of the Texas Vocational Law.

Nueces County First Assistant. District attorney Angelica Hernandez pointed out the seriousness of the shaker’s allegations and opposed the change in the shaker’s condition.

“I don’t know where his family lives, where his other lawyers are, or what his other causes are,” Hernandez said. “This is an ongoing criminal investigation. (Shaker) has numerous pretrial felony charges in which he was arrested. They are very serious in the allegations, and so far it is justified. I don’t think there is enough evidence, the court just gave him free control to go all over the United States, and perhaps even abroad. ”

Judge David Stith of the 319th District Court said Shaker was not allowed to leave the country and did not want Shaker to change the debt terms for visiting his family, but he continued to consider the matter. Said. He changed the conditions so that he could visit with a lawyer and practice his religion.

“If he needs to travel to visit his lawyer for another case, that would be forgiven,” Stiss said. “If he needs to travel specially for the purposes of his religion, obviously it will be forgiven. I’m certainly not going to affect those two rights.”

Mr Stith said shakers need to notify probation every time they leave the state.

Shaker seeks permission to travel out of state Source link Shaker seeks permission to travel out of state

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