Shannon Beader submits court order for movie “RHOC” to daughters

Not very friendly. Shannon Beader Submitted an emergency court order in July to continue filming Orange County Real Housewife With her children after her ex-husband David Beader Ban Their 17 year old twins From participation in the next season.

The judge rejected the then 57-year-old reality star petition, but the court scheduled a hearing later that month.After that, both parties, the daughters of the former couple Stella and AdelineI could only shoot if Shannon’s lawyer paid David’s lawyer a total of $ 6,938.

According to court documents obtained by We weekly, Shannon filed this petition because he was planning to shoot with the girl on July 10, but 56-year-old David allowed the girl for fear of making negative mentions of his new wife. did not. Lesley Cook..

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“I have a new family that I want to protect but don’t want to be exposed to reality shows,” David wrote through his own court document. “Given the fact that Petitioner and I have joint custody, it is very annoying that these proposed restrictions are not accepted by Petitioner and / or her lawyer. Also, these narrow adjustments It is also unacceptable to the petitioner and her counsel, as the restrictions given give me the feeling that the petitioner is actually going to refer to either myself, my new wife. worry [and our] New daughter During the shooting of this 16th season. This is absolutely unacceptable to me. “

However, Shannon disputed his belief, claiming that he was in full custody of his children. Former couple I also share my 20-year-old daughter Sophie.

“Respondents are not interested in contacting me for anything, including the resolution of this issue, so I am seeking immediate order,” Shannon wrote in the first declaration. “I’m reaching out to discuss a variety of issues related to co-parenting, safety and enforcement of the rules. He never responds. The twins have lived exclusively with me since March 25, 2021. … My kids grew up on the show and are excited to shoot this season. “

Shannon Beader Court Requests Children to Photograph RHOC

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Bravo’s personality claimed that David was indignant at the show from the second year of his family on a franchise hit and “continued his efforts to control my family and participation in the show.”

Shannon also said that her ex-husband’s “pattern” Threaten her While using blasphemous expressions, he does not allow the twins to shoot and changes his mind at the very end.

“The respondent (David) then usually shows that the girl’s filming is okay, but then threatens the proceedings, often seeking compensation, which the production company, network, and parent company must comply with. In the meantime, he makes ridiculously unattainable demands because he did not meet those demands, “her court document read.

Shannon Beader Court Requests Children to Photograph RHOC2

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The personality of reality TV is also explained in the documentation Her income from the show is her “main source of income” To support her daughter. She said that if her daughters couldn’t shoot, they could violate the contract and lose both their job and their ability to earn income.

The president of reality show producer Evolution Media also wrote to the judge, and Bravostar is contractually obliged to film her entire life, including moments with children, so twins are needed during filming. I explained.

“The presence of daughters is minimal, but important for recording Shannon’s real life,” said Evolution Media President. Alex Baskin I said at that time.

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Shannon Beader submits court order for movie “RHOC” to daughters

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