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The Panthers were welcomed at the driving range on Wednesday as Charlotte-linebacker Shaq Thompson returned to his teammates after missing the last three games.

Thompson was out with a leg injury and his workload was limited, but Panthers coach Matt Roulet said he was optimistic about Thompson’s potential to face the Falcons on Sunday.

“I hope so,” said Roule. “He practiced and ran around with a full pad today. He was limited in terms of the number of personnel we gave him. See how he progresses throughout the rest of the week.

“It’s the first time. I’ll see how he feels tomorrow, but I hope he has the opportunity to play.”

Thompson lost 25 tackles, sack, intercept and 2 tackles in the first four games (including play due to a leg injury in Dallas). His leadership was also overlooked as things slipped down during the four-game losing streak.

They also had cornerback Stephon Gilmore and safety Juston Burris and Myles Hartsfield on Wednesday’s field. It would represent a great boost to the defenses that need it.

-With right guard John Miller on the disabled list on Tuesday, the Panthers will launch a sixth different combination of aggressive linemen in eight games this week.

With Trent Scott, Brady Kristensen, and Dennis Daily being options, Rule didn’t specify who would start.

Veteran left tackle Cameron Irving pointed out that there is a need to hurry to build continuity and personally address some of the issues facing this year’s protection. He missed last week’s match due to illness (he said he couldn’t hold back for a few days) and said it was difficult to see his defeat to the Giants last week.

“There is so much in-game that contributes to the success or failure of the ball’s attacker,” Irving said. “And the attack line must be the most cohesive unit in the field to be successful. Everyone needs to work together. It was hard to see, but after all , I know what’s in this room, and I know what’s happening in this crime, and I know what’s in these guys’ hearts I know.

“And we need to have some, I’m sorry, but s — about ourselves as a man to get out here and get things done.”

-The new Panther Lachlan Edwards (who is currently on the practice team but will be promoted this week) has four years of experience at Jets.

So this week I got used to the two roles of long snapper JJ Jansen and kicker Zane Gonzalez as a panther and a holder.

“I think we already have that pretty down putt,” Edwards said. “For me, I did it throughout my career, so he was obviously playing in the NFL for a long time to slide with JJ, he probably would adapt to me. It takes about 10 times, and then Zane gets it done. I tie it up, and he’ll be fine. “

Shaq is back (on the practice field) Source link Shaq is back (on the practice field)

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