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The physical requirements required for many agricultural jobs not only create a strong body, but often produce stronger leadership qualities. Amanda Skidmore Atwater Prove.

2021 Dean Medalist Jordan University of Agricultural Science and Technology Learned it at an early age through 4-H..

She started raising chickens with her twin brother Andrew at the age of eight. He also graduated from Fresno State University in 2021. Lyles College of EngineeringAt the first round of judging, they arrived and noticed that the birds used by other athletes weighed only 1-2 pounds.

“It was a great learning experience,” said Skidmore. “I remember hugging a 10-pound bird for 45 minutes and my little arm was really, really tired and wanted to give up. A farmer from a baby chick to a fully grown chicken. I’m grateful for my work. “

As she grew up, the family added goats, horses, and dairy cows, providing the experience of deepening a special bond with her mother Dennis. Hilmer Cheese Company..

In high school, fraternal twins were enrolled Future peasants in America (FFA) And I got involved in public speaking, marketing and leadership. As senior students, they were elected to state officers at the annual conference in Fresno and toasted by University of Jordan faculty and staff at a special ceremony on campus.

During the gap year between high school and college, Amanda Skidmore travels with fellow FFA state officials to learn from other students, faculty, and industry leaders about all aspects of the nation’s leading agricultural economy. I went back and forth.

Since arriving at Fresno State University, she has a second bachelor’s degree in marketing and Craig School of Business And a total of 3.91 GPA.

Skidmore’s busy schedule includes five internships and full-time jobs, including Agricultural Retailers Association In Washington DC California Cotton Guiners and Growers Association, London property, Lewis Foods And Zenith insurance..

she is, National Agricultural Marketing Association I belonged to a campus club, attended industry conferences, and participated in national marketing competitions.

Her academic excellence gives her University of Jordan Awards Research CohortWorking with Dr. Todd Lone of the Faculty of Agricultural Management, they have worked with local producers, chefs and consumers to study the potential of Aggressi’s market.

Small succulent shrubs grow well in warm Mediterranean regions and can be irrigated with salt water, making them suitable for soil in the Central Valley with salt problems.

All of this experience has taken her in a new direction and took up a full-time brand marketing position in June of this year. E. & J. Gallo..

“Thanks to a research project with a campus winery, I found myself attracted to the wine industry,” said Skidmore. “Wine is involved in a lot of special moments, such as around the table or at special events like weddings. Their family praises Gallo’s passion, sustainability and commitment to new products. We are excited to join and remain part of the Central Valley industry. “

When her name was called in college Graduation ceremony On May 15, she stood up at Bulldog Stadium and waved to her family. The same family who helped me recover when I needed help many years ago.

That memorable chapter occurred after spinal fusion surgery to repair a back injury that occurred when she was 12 years old. The injury was initially misdiagnosed for 6 months before the x-ray examination. Valley Children Healthcare revealed a fracture of her L5 vertebra.

In her first surgery, she attached screws and wires to her spine, eventually volleyballing and swimming for two years, and became intolerant of the pain she had in her third year of high school. She was working on spinal fusion surgery as a senior. However, he was then delayed by a year to become an FFA state employee.

Then, in May 2017, the surgery at Stanford Hospital included a six-month rehabilitation that coincided with the first semester at Fresno State University.

“When I started that fall, I was starting to walk pretty well, but I couldn’t really carry anything, even my notebook or pen,” said Skidmore. “My brothers and other family members, My friends and other people on campus intervened when I needed them. We’re all dealing with conflicts at some point that we can’t see when we see someone passing by. So, fortunately, I was able to be in a place like Fresno State University where there are a lot of people who care about you.

Since then, she has given back and volunteered locally. Fresno rescue mission, Valley Children, And other local charities.

“The Central Valley community is great because it’s connected through services. Agriculture shares that value,” says Skidmore. “Starting with our bulldog graduated grandfather (Linton Wollen), our campus was a great place for families to grow and look for new challenges.

Sharing a passion for growth from raising livestock to food and wine research – Fresno State News Source link Sharing a passion for growth from raising livestock to food and wine research – Fresno State News

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