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Kansas City, Missouri (WDAF) – A few months ago, Lee Spight delivered a UPS package with one of his best friends while listening to rapper Rod Wave’s favorite song.

Fast-forwarding so far, he shares the stage with Rod Wave and plays the same music as the pianist on a national tour.

“It’s hard not to trust God at this point,” said Spight, known for his stage name EELmatic. “When this happened, he got you. When I left at UPS, I was unpaid for two weeks, maybe two months. When I was hired, the tour lasted until the next month. It didn’t start. “

Born to a large musician in Buffalo, New York, EELmatic moved to Kansas in the middle of his first year of high school and enrolled in Shawnee Mission West.

“My dad is a minister. He was always a musical. He plays the guitar and sings. I have four other sisters. The two older people who started singing and I are them. I started playing the drums behind him, “said EELmatic. “When I was 13 or 14, the church pianist left, so my dad said,” If you learn 15-20 songs, I’ll pay you. ” “

After graduating from high school, he attended Hutchinson Community College for two years, played soccer, and then transferred to Southeastern Louisiana University.

“I started to diverge and explore my voice abilities,” he said. “”[It] That wasn’t the case at the time, but when I was in college, I got tired of dormitories and what could I do other than record music? “

One day, EELmatic quit his job at UPS and decided to leap trust for a better opportunity. He traveled to Dallas with his friend Lay’Trion Jones. His mother noticed that he was challenging one song a day on Instagram and introduced another local singer-songwriter. Xyzsa..

“At that time she had just graduated from high school and had never toured in her life. I connected with her. I wrote a song. We did this at her house and her My neighbor happened to be the CEO of Skyballer Productions, “says EELmatic. “He was actually touring Rod with me. The band wasn’t. It was just sent by God. Perfect timing. They gave me Rod without a piano part. He sent me a song called Wave’s Green Light. I played it back and sent it back, and they offered me a position. It was definitely all God. “

When all went well, Spight felt like a success story overnight. He created TikTok and put together a video showing him listening to Rod Wave’s “Letter from Houston” on a UPS track. He then transitions to him on stage in front of thousands of people playing the same song behind Rod Wave.

His video has become viral and has been played over 1.1 million times on TikTok as of October 18th.

“I spent the day with a letter from Houston because of its relevance while I was delivering there. I’m one of my best friends, driver helper Harrison Johnson. I was with him. I was just recording and vibrating during the lunch break, “said EELmatic. “This idea surprised me. Would you like to show how fast your life changes and put it in a video? So I came up with the idea of ​​migrating, and I have a lot I think the people were a little inspired. It looks like a success story overnight, but it’s a glory to God. “

As his journey continued, his faith never diminished. While stopping in Nashville, Tennessee, he visited Jada, a graduate of Shawnee Mission West, one of Fisk University’s sisters.

“She eventually sang for the production manager, and he literally offered her a job on the spot, so my sister is on tour with me,” he said. “It was a blessing in itself. I couldn’t convince me that it wasn’t God how everything happened. I don’t think it was a coincidence,” he said.

October 12 Rod Wave’s SoulFly Tour We stopped by the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.

“It’s fun when I’m doing it in front of the world, but not when I’m doing it in front of what I consider to be my family,” Spight said. “Friends, family, guys. People who were there through highs and lows. It’s not like making people happy to see them proud.”

EELmatic plans to continue his musical journey and experience the industry. He wants to take more tours in the future, but for now he’s focusing on Soulfly.

The tour will continue until October 23, with the final performance in Seattle.

You can follow EELmatic along his journey Ticktaku When Instagram You can see him trying different kinds of music and expressing himself.

“I think there’s a one-sided view, especially in gospel arenas and Christian hip-hop arenas,” says EELmatic. “With me, I’m open to everything. I try to be as real as possible. My music doesn’t tolerate anything negative, but it’s also very much about what I experience. Is transparent. That is what God’s Word does. “

Shawnee Mission West grad’s ‘overnight’ success goes viral on TikTok Source link Shawnee Mission West grad’s ‘overnight’ success goes viral on TikTok

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