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Briana DeJesus claims she didn’t appear in this week’s “Teen Mom 2” episode because Kailyn Lowry refused to film her September arrest, but Kail says it wasn’t.

Kairin Raleigh Did not appear in the June 8th episode of. Teen mom 2, And there are various explanations for why she was excluded. Kairin says she wasn’t happy with the story she was asked to shoot this week. Meanwhile, her co-star is Brianna de Jesus, Kale claims that he was actually cut from an episode on MTV because he didn’t film the September 2020 arrest. Kairin was arrested Against “aggressive contact” after the incident with Chris Lopez (Father of her two children).

Brianna accused Kairin of not being “real” to viewers by off-airing the drama. “Personally, if you’re too good at filming real life, why would you be on a show that should be about real life?” Brianna said. Celebrity buzz“Kale is sitting on a show that is legally filming about wallpaper color choices when there is a possibility of filming about the situation of domestic violence with Chris.

The accusation against Kairin was dropped in February, but Brianna still feels that Kairin should have shown the viewer a complete story of what was happening in her life at the time: “End of the day. To, she Don’t try to cover Brianna continued. “It’s very dishonest and is considered an insult to other cast members.”

After listening to Brianna’s interview, Kairin visited her Instagram story and shared her side on why she didn’t appear in the episode.She said it really was She He decided not to appear and blamed Brianna’s claim that she was “cut” by production. “Don’t participate in tonight’s episode because I didn’t think the content I was looking for was genuine. I did, “Kairin explained. “Chris and [my other exes] Habi [Marroquin] Or Joe [Rivera] Unless I feel it is as part of my life as it is shown at the show.

Kale said the producer was “not interested” in filming a part of her life. did She decided to quit because she wanted to concentrate. “I’m making more money than a podcast episode. Teen mom, “She added.” So, for me, I felt it wasn’t right and accepted the fact that I wouldn’t appear in tonight’s episode. I’m just giving my side. Nobody cuts me down. I didn’t. It literally means that I chose not to shoot anything that didn’t feel true to me or my story. I really choose peace of mind over salary. “

Kairin confirmed that she would Continue shooting for Teen mom “As long as it feels real and real,” she also “goes back and forth” about whether to share her side, as her contract does not expect to speak such things publicly. I admitted that I was doing it. Eventually, she decided to accept it: “I don’t allow anyone who isn’t really involved in the editing process to create this untrue story.”

Hollywood life Contacted MTV for comment.

She explains why – Hollywood Life

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