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Snooky is back in the June 17th episode of “Jersey Shore.” And there are plenty of situations to fill her, including what’s happening with Angelina and her husband, Chris Laranjeira!

Mike “Situation” Sorrentino And have a one-on-one chat Nicole “Snuki” Polizzi In this exclusive sneak peak in the June 17th episode of Jersey Shore: Family Trip..After Snooky surprises Mike 5 years sober commemorative partyThank you for pulling her aside. “It’s incredible,” Mike spouts. “It’s very surprising. I’m very happy to meet you. I really do.” Her decision Return to show After a break from the season, Snooki says. I missed you.I think I was the only one thinking about everything I would miss, such as baby showers and meetings. your children For the first time. You can’t miss them. “

Next, Mike writes to Nicole some things he missed in the last few months. “Let’s [Ronnie Ortiz-Magro] I’ve come across some big moments in his life, “acknowledges Mike. “I think he might get engaged soon.” Ronnie recently introduced his girlfriend, Saffia Matos, At the show, but she hasn’t met all her roommates yet. “What a hell,” Nicole replies. “We have to approve!”

Snooky from the June 17th episode of “Jersey Shore”. (MTV)

of course, Many things are happening When Angelina Pivanic And her husband, Chris Laranjeira,This season. “Angelina is in the middle of a divorce,” Mike reveals. “She said she submitted it in January, but she hadn’t served him yet.” The news of the divorce arrived more than a year after Angelina and Chris’ wedding.This is Snooky leave Jersey shore In the first place. Angelina got angry at Snooky’s speech, JWoww And Dina Cortese Made at her wedding, a big drama followed.

Jersey shore cast
Jersey Shore cast at a charity event. (Shutterstock)

“The speech drama was meaningless, damn!” Snooki now rants. Mike adds: She said all speeches were meaningless. Earlier this season, Mike and the other guys were able to repair the fence between Angelina and JWoww / Dina, but she wasn’t filming Snooky, so she wiped the air with Angelina. It never happened. Now that Snooky is back part-time, we have to wait if women have a chance to do it!

“Everyone is my best friend, but Mike always sends me a text message. Are you ready to come back? We got you,” Snooky says in the preview. “I know I haven’t been here for a while, but you have friends in your life and you don’t look like them for a while, and you see them and you know them It’s neither awkward nor weird because it feels like it’s in our room. It’s us. ” Jersey Shore: Family Trip It will air on MTV Thursday at 8 pm.

She hears about Angelina’s divorce drama – Hollywood Life

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