Shelters, rescues stressed with rise in animal intakes & owner-surrenders – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-06-18 19:32:27 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma — Animal shelters and rescue teams in Oklahoma are tense. They see more people wanting to surrender their pets, and this is already happening during the busy season for ingestion.

They call this time the kitten and puppy season. Yesterday, Tulsa Animal Welfare accepted 44 animals. Half of them are kittens.

“This is the time for them to breed and we only see an overwhelming number of kittens coming to the shelter,” said Christine Barney, head of the TAW shelter embedding program.

Part of the influx also comes from pet owners who have unwanted litter. At Skiatec, Paws and Claws Animal Rescue are delinquent with their owner’s surrendered intake. They have a waiting list that is close to 100 people long.

Erin Shackelford, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Animal Alliance, said:

“Animal out of the system is back in the system. Here in Oklahoma, contraceptive castration and contraceptive castration are still very big problems. We don’t have the resources we need. Contraceptive castration and the importance of contraceptive castration. There are some educational restrictions in many rural communities. “

Rural communities are busy with the Oklahoma Animal Alliance. Like Locust Grove, there are few animal management options in these areas. Eight dogs were rescued from the tin hut there this week.

“The temperature had reached about 120 degrees Celsius. The dog had stale water. It was a kind of environmentally friendly and molded,” Shackelford said.

They don’t know how the dog survived, but now they need a caregiver, and ultimately a permanent home.

Until Sunday, adoption costs at TAW are only $ 10. Its price still includes vaccination and neutrality.

For those who prefer foster parents to adoption, foster parents are in desperate need.Both provide supplies to the caregiver TAW And that OAA..

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Shelters, rescues stressed with rise in animal intakes & owner-surrenders Source link Shelters, rescues stressed with rise in animal intakes & owner-surrenders

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