Shen Yun at Century II this weekend – Wichita, Kansas

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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th Shen Yun..

Shen Yun Is the artistic revival and celebration of China’s 5,000-year-old cultural heritage. “Through breathtaking dance and music Shen Yun Artists talk about the time when sacred beings walked the globe, leaving behind a culture that inspires generations. Infused with Buddhist and Taoist spirituality and values, ancient Chinese wisdom has created everything from medical innovation to opera, dance, architecture and even martial arts. But after decades of communist rule, much of this sacredly inspired culture has been destroyed or forgotten. “

What are you doing Shen Yun average? Shen Means “God” Yun Abbreviation for “personal bearing or inner charm”.Together, the name Shen Yun It means “the beauty of a dancing sacred being.”

“The gongs ring, the curtains open, and the sight of heaven spreads in front of you. Fairies emerge from the sea of ​​undulating clouds. Mongolians ride horses across grasslands as vast as the sky. Love. And the classic story of loss, humor and heroic deeds comes to life. You will be amazed by the vibrant, exciting and profound Chinese classical culture. “

Shen Yun

This production tours 150 cities around the world each year. From Tokyo to Paris, from Sydney to New York.according to Shen Yun, Some spectators drive hundreds of miles to see the performance. Others see it many times.

The show starts at 7:30 pm on May 14th and 1:30 pm on May 15th. Guests are advised to arrive at least 1 hour in advance. Each show runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes, including breaks. Ticket prices start at $ 80.. Children under 4 years are not allowed to enter.

For more information Shen Yun And / or display the production trailer. click here..

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