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Sheriff IDs Mississippi woman found in 1977 as victim of serial killer – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-23 15:28:12 –

The female skeletal body was identified 44 years after the murder, officials said.

according to Jackson County Sheriff’s OfficeThe woman, long known to investigators as “Escataupajendu,” has been identified as Clara Bardlong.

Birdlong was discovered at a construction site in Mississippi in 1977, and investigators believe she was the victim of the late Samuel Little, the most prolific murderer in US history.

According to the agency, Hunter found Birdlong’s body near a highway in Jackson County on December 27, 1977. She was a short black woman with distinctive advance teeth, probably wearing a wig.

According to officials, she was discovered about three to four months after she was killed.

Over the years, officials said, “Several facial reconstructions and computer compositing were created to help identify her.”

A milestone happened in January 2021 when Mississippi authorities contracted with a Texas DNA research facility to create a family tree based on Birdlong’s DNA. They then traced it to their Mississippi cousin and associated them with their 93-year-old grandmother.

Grandmother told investigators that her cousin was born around 1933 and disappeared from Le Flore County sometime in the 1970s.

“Another distant cousin in Texas explained that Clara was nicknamed” Nattin “and was a little woman with golden front teeth and a wig,” the Sheriff said. “My cousin also remembered Clara disappearing in the 1970s.”

In August, a woman in Rufloor County, who recalled Birdlong, told investigators that the victims of the county in the 1970s were black men who “claimed that they had passed Mississippi on their way to Florida.”

Birdlong was never seen or heard, according to investigators.

In September, investigators confirmed that Birdlong’s DNA matched that of her grandmother.

The sheriff’s department considers Little to be the prime suspect.

The cause of her death is unknown.

Sheriff IDs Mississippi woman found in 1977 as victim of serial killer Source link Sheriff IDs Mississippi woman found in 1977 as victim of serial killer

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