Sheriff Lake County warns residents to be vigilant after a series of armed carjacks – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-29 21:24:08 –

Painesville, Ohio (WJW) —The Lake County Sheriff’s Office warns residents to be vigilant after multiple armed carjackings.

“On September 18, we issued a warning that people were coming to our neighborhood and stealing cars,” said Sheriff Frank Leone Bruno.

According to Leonbruno, it’s happening again, and this time theft is becoming more and more dangerous.

“A woman arrived at Lake Trang very early for work. She was walking across the parking lot and saw three men. They assaulted her after she overtook them. And I asked for her car key, “Leon Bruno said.

Lawmakers are investigating what happened on Lake Shore Boulevard on the Grand River early Tuesday morning.

Then, on Wednesday, a second incident occurred in Greenfield Lane, Painesville.

“This time it happened with a new development. Two gun-wielding men approached someone and demanded his car,” Leon Bruno said.

According to Leon Bruno, the car was later found heading for the city on Route 2.

One has been detained and the other is still on the run.

“It’s not just Lake County, but other police stations are working on this, but my concern is that it’s becoming more violent and more dangerous,” Leon Bruno said.

Leon Bruno says both victims were not seriously injured.

However, he believes the incident is related to the theft ring in the Cleveland area. There, thieves are targeting people who keep their car doors unlocked.

“They seem to feel young and have nothing to lose,” Leon Bruno said.

Leon Bruno says these groups are going to the suburbs looking for a convertible with a key.

In some cases, they are looking for a garage door opener so they can steal from their home.

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