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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — On June 17, the sheriff’s office is expected to reduce its riot response mission in Portland after a quick response officer in Portland decides to leave the team. Multnomah County has curtailed the use of crowd management units to crack down on protests following the massive resignation of the Portland Police Department’s quick response team, the union’s top executives said.

An informal promise was made in response to concerns expressed by a unit of 15 members of the county with the same name as the Portland RRT, Sgt. Matt Ferguson, President of the Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs Association, representing the members of the unit.

According to Ferguson, the concerns driving the informal change were the same concerns expressed by the Portland Unit when 50 members resigned from their controversial mission on Wednesday, June 16. Attack the police rather than the police who use power as trained and directed by the administrator.

Mr Ferguson said the manager sent a message that his members would only be placed with the utmost care.

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“We will probably significantly limit our activities …. I don’t think it’s in the best interests of our members to clear the riots from the streets,” he said.

“The violence directed at the police is now recognized by our community. It’s okay to throw stones, bottles or stones at the police,” he added. “One of our agents unknowingly knocked him on a mortar bullet exploding on his face. He lost his hearing for a couple of days. He was in the hospital, and He resigned. “

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese in downtown Portland during the 76th night protest on August 12, 2020. (KOIN)

Asked about the changes explained by Ferguson, a spokesman for Sheriff Mike Reese provided general comments. Communications director Chris Reedle said the office’s priorities haven’t changed, but didn’t say whether the office would continue to support Portland police crowd management activities. ..

“At the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office … our priorities have not changed. We continue to provide exemplary public security services to the serviced communities and a judicial center detaining hundreds of adults. And protect and respond to the county’s infrastructure, which houses many oaths and private staff to support and operate the facility. In the event of a serious threat to life safety. “

Members of the sheriff’s crowd management unit were said to be considering resigning the unit shortly after being moved by a counterpart at the Portland Police Department. It’s unclear if the manager’s message Ferguson explained represents an effort to prevent it.

Already, sheriffs in Krakkamas and Washington counties have curtailed support for the Portland Police Department because of proceedings over protests.

Year of protest

The loss of trained crowd management personnel follows a year of protests in Portland following the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers.

After protests, police frequently declare riots in response to what they say is a violent attack on their ranks. Many police officers have reported injuries.

Meanwhile, the use of force by police to disperse the crowd has caused controversy and several proceedings.

Elected on a platform created with the help of the National Criminal Justice Reformer, Schmidt has launched a criminal investigation of several police officers in connection with the protest response.

Twitter video screenshots show PPB officer Cory Budworth using batons at Terri Jacobs on August 18, 2020 (courtesy of John The Lefty).

Last week he Corey Budworth charged with assault Against a woman who described herself as a photojournalist in a subsequent lawsuit. Her federal proceedings filed in September last year said she tried to pull them up and pull them away from the police after police pushed her friends to the ground. According to the proceedings, Budworth hit her with a baton several times after leaving and falling to the ground himself.

Budworth’s indictment followed the city’s private surveillance agency’s discovery that the baton strike did not violate the agency’s policy.

Ferguson said the short video posted online lacks the context of a “chaotic situation,” but his members’ concerns go beyond the case of Budworth.

Training improved response

The Sheriff’s Office is a prominent partner with the Oregon Police Department and responded to the expected anxiety with the Portland Police Department last November.

For now, this move means that police response to future riots in Portland is not due to specially trained police officers.

Developed over 15 years ago, Portland’s RRT was more disciplined following a series of poorly controlled police responses to protests that led to excessive force payments. We provide professional police response.

The RRT aimed to reduce such incidents through a practice developed by former assistant chief Ryan Lee, who is considered a national expert in crowd management.

In recent years, the state has provided crowd management training by PPB team members to other police agencies around Pacific Northwest.

Sheriff’s riot squad likely to step back from crowd control Source link Sheriff’s riot squad likely to step back from crowd control

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