Shinsei Bank hires Morgan Stanley as a “poison” to thwart the acquisition of SBI

Merger and acquisition renewal

Shinsei Bank contracts with Morgan Stanley and the company $ 1.1 Billion Hostile Stake Building Approach From Japan’s largest internet securities company.

Shinsei Bank officials said Tuesday night that the bank was once part of the corporate Japanese playbook, but in recent years it has been an activist shareholder and a country-specific corporate governance code.

Shinsei Bank’s growing despair follows last week’s unilateral bid from SBI, an online financial conglomerate run by the iconic Yoshitaka Kitao, with the aim of becoming Japan’s latest “megabank.”

SBI’s unilateral takeover bid, which imposed a 38% premium on the value of Shinsei Bank’s shares at the closing price last Wednesday, aimed to increase the shares from the current 20% to 48%.

If successful, SBI aims to dismiss Shinsei Bank’s board of directors and replace it with a new board of choice, the conglomerate said in a statement released with the tender offer.

The SBI Surprise Strike follows a series of unsuccessful efforts by Kitao to negotiate to build a closer partnership between the two banks through a business and capital alliance. Instead of deepening its relationship with SBI, Shinsei Bank has begun discussions on a partnership with SBI’s domestic rival, Monex.

The SBI approach, the latest test of Japan’s attitude towards hostile corporate movements, was accompanied by Kitao’s candid criticism of not being able to address the fundamental flaws in Shinsei Bank’s management, governance and profitability.

Kitao’s efforts to build SBI’s influence and scale include a series of stakeholder-building exercises at some of Japan’s weakest regional banks. The overall vulnerability of financial institutions is steadily increasing interest in financial regulators and the Bank of Japan.

Government efforts to encourage defensive mergers between regional banks are struggling. People close to SBI said Kitao’s strategy to rescue the most endangered people had the support of several seniors within the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

Shinsei Bank is considering issuing new shares to existing shareholders that require approval at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. According to one of those with controversial knowledge, the purpose is to give time to extend the SBI’s tender offer deadline. This proposal has not been formally approved by the company’s board of directors.

The newborn couldn’t get any immediate comments. Morgan Stanley declined to comment.

Shinsei Bank hires Morgan Stanley as a “poison” to thwart the acquisition of SBI

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