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Photo: Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary Its eldest son, a 72-year-old Asian elephant named Shirley, announced today that he died on Monday morning. She was the second oldest elephant in North America.

According to the Hohenwald Sanctuary, Tennessee, care and veterinary teams have been closely monitoring addicts over the past few weeks, “beginning to observe gradual changes in her mobility and mentions. Many mornings upon arriving at the barn, Shirley appeared bright, careful, and responsive, but in the afternoon, signs of weakness, malaise, and discomfort increased. ”

“Recently, my favorite treat, jelly beans, has been offered on a regular basis.” According to Shirley’s Sanctuary Memorial Page.. “I knew that Shirley loved everything but licorice-flavored beans, so the staff carefully chose them from the bunch.”

Shirley died early Monday, surrounded by caregivers. After she died, her elephant friends Sissy and Tara visited her. Tara, the first inhabitant of the sanctuary, sat beside her for nearly four hours.

Over the past 25 years, the 2,600-acre sanctuary of Lewis County has provided a safe and peaceful place for a total of 28 elephants, who have lived in captivity for decades, to finally rest and roam. The non-profit educational center in downtown Hohenwald, which is not open to the public, is a true sanctuary and unattractive, but welcomes visitors from all over the world. The· scene I visited in August before World Elephant Day.

Shirley’s tragic story is also very miraculous. She was captured at the age of five and enslaved in an American circus. Fidel Castro came to power as the circus traveled to Cuba, and Shirley was detained for several weeks with other animals and performers. She survived the ship’s fire when the circus anchored in Nova Scotia in 1963 and suffered burns to her leg and one ear. She lost part of her ears, but the lucky survivor never stopped. She later broke her leg during a quarrel with another elephant, and as she healed, the bones fused, causing permanent damage.

Eventually, Shirley was sold to the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoos in Monroe, Louisiana, and was the only elephant to live for 22 years. The short documentary shows a close relationship with the caretaker Solomon James, who accompanied the Elephant Sanctuary in 1999. Almost unbelievably, another resident elephant, Jenny, recognized Shirley from the circus, both of which were captured more than 20 years ago. At their reunion, the two bent the steel bars that separate them closer together. (Jenny died in 2006.) Grabbed several organizations and wCatch the documentary here.. Then raise a glass to Shirley, a miraculous survivor who spent the last decades playing with friends on Tennessee Hill. Queen, please rest in peace.

Shirley, Tennessee’s 72-year-old Asian Elephant, Has Died Source link Shirley, Tennessee’s 72-year-old Asian Elephant, Has Died

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