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New York-Katie has begun a date week with Blake and her hometown. The man’s family traveled to meet Katie because he couldn’t travel with COVID this season.

Blake’s Hometown Date
Blake took her to an empty bar in the hotel and offered her a drink with maple syrup because she was from Canada. “We use this for everything,” Blake said. They darts together and pops balloons at targets filled with truth or challenge.

Then they got on the backing mousse! Except for the elk, it was the same as the bull in the bar! They played hockey and generally had a great time together! But Greg was watching from the balcony all the time they were playing hockey. He saw her with him and said it got sick in his stomach.

That night, Katie met Blake’s mom, sister, and aunt. They told his family how they lined up and got each other perfectly. Blake came to the show later than the other men, so his mom was a little worried that they might be behind others. Katie said it would be truly eternal if she and Blake went to the end. His sister wanted to marry Claire and Taisia, worried that he might fall in love, but this time he says not. Blake’s mom told him he really liked Katie. If he loves her, he needs to “make **** a man and tell her.” Then she cried and told him how much she loved him and how proud he was at taking this risk. Blake’s family went out and enjoyed playing hockey outside together. When Blake said goodbye to Katie, he said she felt very good, but nevertheless I didn’t say I love you.

Justin’s Hometown Date
Justin’s parents didn’t come to see Katie. They think it’s too short for him to consider proposing to her. He agreed that it was important for each of them to have a family with each other, and said that was the reason they were so upset that they would not travel. Justin was very angry. His two best friends, Herb and Tommy, came to see her instead, and he hopes she can understand and enjoy their “Baltimore” date.

He showed her a “Welcome to Baltimore” sign, and then they rode in a carriage. He showed off some of the graffiti alleys, they talked about blue cheese and ranch, and he did his best to explain how life was there. They kissed a lot! After getting off the carriage, I enjoyed crabs and drinks. Then they sat down to chat on the couch, and he explained the fact that his parents weren’t there to meet her. Katie said she was “very confused”, but she was pleased that he had his two friends there.

Justin walked with Katie and Herbs and Tommy were very welcoming. She told them that Justin was the first man to kiss her. Herbs were shocked to see Justin happily doing so many PDAs. Justin isn’t usually like that, so Katie may be one of them, he says! He is worried that if Justin doesn’t say he loves her right away, he could lose her. Tommy said Justin is usually somewhat modest, but he seems to be “his own” around her. At the end of the date, Justin told Katie that he was in love with her. She grabbed his face and kissed him.

Greg’s Hometown Date

After seeing part of Katie and Blake’s date, Greg went on a date in his hometown, still feeling a little funky. Still, he wanted to shake it off and have a great day. His date revolved around New Jersey. They started by visiting the “promenade” and rode tandem bicycles. They ate some pork rolls and Italian ice cream. Then they went surfing in an inflatable elastic home. “It’s impossible not to fall in love with her,” Greg said. He and his dad were always playing, so he took her to basketball, and he hadn’t actually played since his father died. Katie thought it was so special that she shared it with her. Greg told Katie that he would meet his mother, brother, and best friend Dave. When they were chatting, he said his favorite part of his date in “Seattle” with her was the storm they kissed. Greg snapped his finger and it started to rain again! A kiss signal!

Katie was very excited to meet Greg’s family and friends. They talked about his very nervous limousine introduction and their immediate sparks. His mom brought a photo of his father and a video of Greg’s brother. They had a good wish for their brother, and Katie and Greg cried when he watched the video. His brother Joe said Katie was a work that Greg was missing and hoped he could eventually be happy again. Katie told Joe that one day she could really see her marrying him. Greg told his friend Dave that he was completely in love with Katie and had never felt so strong about anyone. Greg seemed 100% confident and told him, “It will be me and her.” Katie told Greg’s mom how genuine and honest he was and respected his humble self-confidence. She told Greg’s mom, “He will be here next week.” Time with Katie’s Greg’s family really went well!

Greg says, “I love you.”
Greg and Katie sat down and talked about how the conversation with the family went on. Katie said she would be emotional when her mother said how happy she was. Greg said he was very happy, he knew his family would see it. Greg shouted about losing his father, losing part of himself because of it, and not being as happy as he is now. “I’m in love with you,” Greg said. “I see it with you, this is true for me.” Greg said it in tears, and Katie said nothing about what felt like eternity. “I love to see you,” Katie finally said. It upset Greg. It was hard and she revealed to him that he had told his family that he would be there next week. “You know how I feel about you,” Katie said. “I’ll be arriving soon.” His mood changed quickly, and Katie told him she was reading it, and it’s terrible. She told Greg that they were so close to the end that they wanted to be able to get over it.

Greg’s relationship with Katie collapses
Greg told her outside how difficult the process was for him. Katie said it was just as difficult for her. “At this point, I don’t know how you don’t know that you are me and you,” Greg said. Katie cried and was angry that she had lost her trust in them. After going back and forth many times, Katie said she would soon meet Greg and leave.

Blake and Greg talked about how they struggle with the process. They are both fighting without knowing how Katie actually feels. Greg said that when Katie said she loved her, Katie was unresponsive and was just looking for something. He wore his coat and went to see her. He is convinced in his head that she does not feel the same. Greg was nervous when he knocked on the door of Katie’s hotel room. “You don’t seem comfortable,” Katie said. “You look fine,” Greg counterattacked. “I’m waiting to find out what you’re trying to say,” she said. Greg was so angry that Katie felt like he had rejected his declaration of love. She told him she wanted to say “I love you” only to the last man to stand. He said she didn’t say it, but just didn’t respond. “I don’t give **** about roses,” he said. He was desperately trying to get real feelings out of her. Katie continued to say that she was really confused about how to proceed. He was angry at telling him that she had given up on their relationship. He even seemed a little angry, then added that there was a “little break”. He said, “I gave you everything, and I really want you to find something, and I just …” “I even understand what you’re saying. No, you don’t want to stay anymore, are you done? “She asked. “Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” Greg said. Katie was so angry that it was a disagreement and he was just willing to leave. Katie cried as Greg walked around and was very confused as to why he was leaving. He’s basically forcing an ultimatum, and Katie isn’t ready to say, “You’re alone, let’s end the show.” Is it fair to him to expect it at this point?

“From the beginning, you were always my number one,” Katie said. “I don’t want to hear that,” Greg said. He’s tired of hearing about the show and wants it to be real. “We thought it was more than that,” Greg said. Katie continued to say sorry, and Greg said she just didn’t understand it. He went out and Katie sat on the couch and cried. She got up, chased him down the hallway, and then found him outside. She gave him a hug and said to him, “I’m very sorry.” “I gave you everything,” Katie said. “Is there even a point where I say something to you?” She felt he didn’t believe in herself. “I deserve more than what was given on your side. I’m no longer happy here,” Greg said. It was hard to see. “I’m done here,” he said, leaving Katie crying on the ground. Very cold!

Katie got up and began to say, “I’m done, I’m done, I’m done!” She wanted to go home and finish the whole show. Her sadness turned into anger when she closed the door. Caitlin came to talk to Katie, but she didn’t want to talk to anyone at first.

Caitlin told her that she was there and helped her talk through the situation. Katie said the departure of Michael and Greg destroyed her self-confidence. She doesn’t know how to move forward. The show ended by showing a very depressing summary of Katie and Greg’s best and most romantic moments.

Finale preview
Next week, Katie’s mom will appear to help her through the process. Can she get over her broken heart on Greg? The 3-hour finale is next week!

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